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UPL's Climate Smart Solutions Will Help Improve Yield Sustainably

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

Based on the recognition that humankind is one community, UPL’s overarching commitment is to improve areas of its presence, workplace and customer engagement. UPL conducted Onion Pronutiva Meeting at Ahmednagar & Yeola, India. The event was attended by 1330 farmers, 6 distributors & 46 retailers garnering sales of over USD 100,000 Addressing the need of the hour, UPL's climate smart solutions would help improve the yield sustainably. Energy conservation is the need of the hour, now more than ever before. Here are a few simple tips to help growers do their bit to save the environment & feed the world sustainably.

UPL focus on specialty applications and locally tailored applications in high-growth agricultural regions provide us with a higher competitive advantage while maintaining lower exposure to commodity grain prices. Speciality applications include crop protection solutions for niche and speciality crops; products for underserved or hard-to-control pests; alternative application methods like seed and soil applied technologies; and bio-based products. We help them develop crop protection strategies after an in-depth study of the distinct local factors such as climate, soil, crop selection, farming technology, regulations, and pests.

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UPL  believes that the increasing consolidation of the crop protection industry has created a need for nimble, innovative and customer-centric companies like us which, through its local presence and tailored products, can more effectively address these local specific needs and quickly capture market share.

UPL has built strong grower relationships through direct contact and also educational, stewardship, and community initiatives such as our Aplique Bem ("Apply Well") Program that started in Brazil and has expanded across Latin America, Africa and Asia.

India and Brazil are the growing economies and agriculture forms the backbone of both economies. Innovation and entrepreneurship in agri sector are one of the key reasons for their growth, thereby promoting agri start-ups with innovative ideas. Both countries have an excellent research and development facilities in University and research institutes. In order to excel the best of talent, technologies and start-ups across both nations Pusa Krishi Incubator, at ZTM-BPD Unit at ICAR-Indian Agriculture Research Institute, New Delhi, in collaboration Embassy of Brazil, with support from Department of Science and Technology, GoI, launched Maître - Indo Brazil Agri-Tech Cross Border Incubation Program.

Shantanu Chatterjee, Chief Digital Officer, UPL Ltd., spoke to Krishi Jagran and kept their viewpoint of  established Industry and also addressed the Start-ups of Brazil and India during the Incubation Programme.

Global and local marketing efforts in all our major markets allow us to better understand specific market trends and grower requirements, thus enhancing our ability to develop tailored local products consisting of one or more formulated, ready-to-use mixtures of different active ingredients that solve the needs of growers of a particular crop in a specific country.

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