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Valagro and Syngenta’s Agreement on bio stimulants

KJ Staff

Valagro, a leader in the production and marketing of bio stimulants and specialty nutrients, has signed an agreement with Syngenta, a leading agriculture focused company, to supply bio stimulants for seed treatment.

 The global agreement combines the expertise of both companies in seed treatment, with Syngenta’s leadership in crop protection and Valagro's bio stimulant technology, to produce innovative products designed to improve crop establishment and absorption of nutrition especially under abiotic stress conditions, resulting in better performance.

With this agreement, Syngenta will launch EPIVIO™ Energy in 2018, initially focused on corn and sunflower crops to manage abiotic stress, which can reduce crop yields. Valagro and Syngenta will pursue the goal of using the best of science and technology to satisfy farmers’ requirements by providing them with an increasingly innovative, effective and comprehensive range of solutions to ensure productivity and sustainability in agriculture.



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