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An Exclusive Interview with Ashok Anantharaman, Chief Operating Officer, Action Construction Equipment Ltd


India's Leading Construction Equipment and Agriculture Machinery manufacturer, ACE (Action Construction Equipment) is engaged in manufacturing and exporting quality equipment to over 25 countries around the globe.

The company was incorporated in 1995, as a Construction Equipment manufacturing company and gained majority market share in Mobile Cranes and Tower Cranes segment. Over the last 25 years, it has developed an excellent capacity in providing high-quality Agri equipment like Tractors, Combine Harvesting Machines & other equipment like Pick and Move Cranes, Backhoe Loaders, Compactors, Motor Graders, Threshers, Implements, Other Heavy Equipment etc. It is currently manufacturing 30 to 90 HP Tractors with K (Kirloskar) and NG series engines for use in agriculture and commercial fields and has an installed capacity of 8000 Tractors.

This interview was filed by Pritam Kashyap, Journalist, Krishi Jagran. Here are the excerpts from the interview on New Generation Tractor 6565 V2 launched on October 19:

1. How New Generation Tractor 6565 V2 is different from the previous models?

Our new tractor 6565 V2 has a sleek design and is powered by 61 HP, 4 Cylinder and Naturally Aspirated Engine having the highest Engine volume CC in this category. This engine has low Maintenance cost plus very long life. Not only this, but the engine also follows all norms of an environmental conservation approach.

“The 6565 V2 has a sleek design and is powered by 61 HP, 4 Cylinder and Naturally Aspirated Engine having the highest Engine volume CC in this category. This engine has low Maintenance cost plus very long life.” Can you tell us like in comparison to other market players how you are leading?

The sleek design gives the farmer a proud feeling and perfect brand image. So, it makes them feel like a luxury model of a car. The tractor is the best friend for farmers as they spend most of the time working on it in the field. Whereas the aspirated engine is basically an internal combustion engine in which air intake depends solely on atmospheric pressure. It does not have forced induction through a turbocharger or a supercharger. Thus, it makes it a highly durable, low maintenance and superior performance tractor. It has one of the highest PTO power in its class and the largest engine capacity with a 4-cylinder engine.

2. Can you put light on “Synchromesh Transmission with Synchro Shuttle” feature of your latest tractor?

Synchromesh transmissions are the refined version of the constant mesh system, although less common. It splits the dog clutch in two – a gear fixed to the drive shaft called the synchronizer hub, and a collar around the outside of it that could slide back and forth called the shift sleeve. Whereas the Synchro Shuttle transmission is a fully synchronized 12 forward 12 reverse speed electrohydraulic shuttle reverser transmission. It has the traditional "L-M-H" (Low, Medium, High) pattern gear sequence. Has a very high life and is very reliable. Facilitates in forward & Reverse Movement without gear changing. pattern gear sequence and was designed to provide smooth stability and modulation for shuttling.

3. "ACE is currently manufacturing 30 to 90 HP Tractors with K (Kirloskar)”. Tell us something about it?

Yes, we are currently manufacturing 30 to 90 HP Tractors with Kirloskar. We have a very good relation with Kirloskar. In fact, some of our tractors use engines of Kirloskar. Since Kirloskar Brothers are 100-year-old company farmers have faith and trust on the brand in the market. The engine has low specific fuel consumption and there is the easy availability of spares and mechanics for this brand.

4. Do you export tractors, if yes in which countries?

Yes, we are exporting our tractor across the world mostly to SAARC, South East Asia, Africa and Latin America. While in India, we are covering almost all the states, we are also providing our Agri + Construction equipment to Indian army specifically and other Government Departments.

5. How do you prioritize your daily tasks in the times of COVID-19 pandemic and What was the biggest challenge you've faced in this period?

Biggest challenge -

  • Movement of our teams, dealer teams and financiers in the field.

  • Supply chain got badly impacted.

Overall if we look at the tractor sales it has increased by 12 per cent in this COVID-19 period of lockdown and there is a huge demand of tractors. 4 lakh tractors have been sold within May to September. ACE has been a major player in “Make in India and "Skill India' programmes and is highly aligned towards the “Atma Nirbhar Bharat" objective of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Sales service and supply of spares are the most important aspect in today's environment and ACE cater to this requirement through its network of more than 250 outlets supported by 15 Regional Offices.

6. Can you tell us about your upcoming plans and any new product to be launched soon?

Soon, we will be launching a couple of new products. Since things are not yet finalized, we will be sharing the details very soon and looking forward to meet you again.

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