Customer Satisfaction and Trust, Patel's Success Mantra

Mr. Vijay Kumar Patel, MBA (marketing) is from “Himchandracharya North Gujarat University”, Patan. He joined Multinational Company as a “Sales Officer” and was promoted as a “Territory Officer” in the Company. With a rich experience and vision of business approach as well as service expertise and a team of professionals allowed them to successfully understand and meet the specific agriculture fertilizers and pesticides demands of the customers. Further, in depth understanding of the industry also added up to their expertise in delivering the best of the products with high performance standards in given usage conditions.

What type of products is your company providing to the farmers?

Our company mainly involve in manufacturing, supplying of Bio Pesticides, and Bio Fertilizers. So we are providing range of bio pesticides and bio fertilizers to our valuable farmers. It includes nitrobenzene fertilizer, liquid sulphur fertilizer, humic acid fertilizers, plant growth hormones, flowering stimulant, bio fungicides and bio pesticides.

When was your company established?

Since 2008, we are a distinguished firm involved in manufacturing, supplying of Bio Pesticides, Plant Growth Hormones and Bio Fertilizers.

Which are the maximum revenue generating products of your company?

Only financial revenue is not important, our important revenue is our valuable farmers/customers. Our all products are revenue generating for us because it satisfies our farmer on the basis of quality, quantity and price. hence we generate revenue from our valuable customer satisfaction.

What was your company’s quarterly performance?

Our company’s quarterly performance is excellent and it generally is above the target level.

For marketing of any product, price plays a key role! Are you ensuring price to be one of your USP?

Our main aim is to produce qualitative products and at a quantitative price. Our price is affordable to small, big, or marginal farmers. Our price is enough to stay in this competitive market.

What is the annual turnover of your company?

Our annual turnover is Above 10 crore.

Where is your distribution in India?

Our distribution is in the all agriculture state of India but the main State where we reach are Bihar, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Orissa, Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

What are the present challenges faced by your company?

In all over India there are a lot of companies which are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of bio pesticides and bio fertilizers but these companies are providing quantity and not quality which small Indians are not continued to buy. So our present challenge is to offer qualitative products at the lowest price so that all range of people can buy them.

Do you think organic farming will be able to feed India?

Yes, from my view point organic farming will be able to feed India. Farmers earn more from the organic farming and there is a chance for increasing crop yield too. There are no harmful effects on human being. Farmers can reduce their production costs because they do not need to buy expensive chemicals and fertilizers. In the long term, Organic farms will save energy and protect the environment.

What is your experience in the field?

Since 2004 we started our business with a small size. We met the people who were already engaged in it. Took guidance from them and also worked in a multinational company as a marketing manager, so I learned many things about bio pesticides and bio fertilizers before starting the company.

Describe future plan of your company?

Our future plan is to be a leading agro development company by efficiently producing superior, valuable and reliable products with a competitive price. Also offer better services to every farmer. We also plan to launch new technology of production which will produce qualitative products, at a competitive price, which will save the environment as well.

What is the success mantra of your company?

Customer relation, customer satisfaction and trustworthiness is the success mantra of our company.

Which segment of farmers you are targeting? Is it big, small are marginal.

We produce all range of product which is affordable to all type of farmers.

Any message for the farmers?

Our Main aim and slogan is “Quality is not an accident, It is always an intelligent effort.”

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