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Excel Crop Care limited is well known company for the production and Marketing of agrochemicals, specialized fertilizers, Bio Pesticides and soil Nutrition products. They had also partnered with many state governments and provided training to many farming communities in IPM and organic cultivation. Krishi Jagran interacted with Mr. SPS Malik, GM, Soil Nutrition Products, of Excel Crop Care and Mr Ranjan Kumar Singh, all India Product Manager to understand the role played by Excel in the  Sikkim Organic Mission. Mr. Ranjan has from several state governments institutio the Soil Health Services Award from the UP Governor recently for making a valuable contribution to  agriculture extension. The role of Mr. Ranjan in the promotion of the Sikkim Organic Mission has been exemplary. This has been achieved largely through dissemination of information, knowledge and promotion of Aerobic composting through Excel's  Product , 'Madhyam'.

Sikkim will be the first wholly organic state in the country by this year end.  What role has Excel played in the achievement of this target ?

The Sikkim Government decided as early as 2003  to make the state fully organic by 2015. Excel has been working with the state government over the past three years as a resource institution. It has been training farmers in organic farming in 30 'Livelihood Schools' spread all over the state.

Apart from this, the government had adopted one village in every district  and introduced an integrated farming system (IFS) there. IFS is Integration of various agricultural departments and enterprises viz., cropping, animal husbandry, fisheries, forestry, etc., in one platform, which not only helps supplement the income of the farmers but also helps promote employment. Excel is working in each of these IFS villages on behalf of the Agriculture and Horticulture Departments and helping to create interest in organic farming. It is providing training in Krishi Vigyan Kendras as also at the Panchayat level.

Aiding the farmers greatly in taking up organic farming in Excel's product, 'Madhyam' compost (see box). Training is provided to them in how to make organic manure in bulk with the help of 'Madhyam'. Excel has given more than 200 demonstrations till now.

Earlier, the farmers practicing organic farming were not adopting proper methodologies. They were utilizing raw cow dung as compost which led to infestation as also problems with weeds. To obviate these difficulties, The company advise them to adopt the 'Madhyam' inoculants. So now the farmers are mixing the cow dung and agriculture biomass with their product and this is adding to soil fertility. The use of only 1 kg of 'Madhyam' can help prepare 1 tonne  of waste compost. Gurbisey Namchi, the village from which Chief Minister Chambling's wife hails, has widely adopted 'Madhyam'. As a result, the potato, tomato, cardamom and ginger crops grown these have benefitted greatly. Earlier, farmers in the state were not growing potatoes, but after 'Madhyam' was introduced, they have started cultivating these on a large scale.

Is 'Madhyam' in use in other states ?

Punjab, Chattishgarh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh are other states where 'Madhyam' is being utilized with good results.

Are you planning to launch any new products?

We have introducing two new biopesticides, Tricho HR and Sudocel, and  have got organic certification for these. These biopesticides work effectively against soil born disease, black rot, wilt and root rot.

What is 'MADHYAM' ?

Madhyam is a culture of micro-organisms developed for accelerated aerobic composting of organic waste. Waste to which this product is added becomes more rich organically and cab be used in lawns, nurseries or in the farmer's fields. The recommended dose is 1kg for 1mt of organic waste. If the waste is dry, prepare a slurry using 30 ltr. of water per 1 kg of Madhyam and then spray onto the waste. Turn over the compost heap every week for proper aeration. Under normal conditions, the composting process should be complete within 4-6 weeks.

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