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Future of GM crops are bright but policy changes are needed at Government level

Dr. Dk Chopra

Mr. D.K. Chopra is CEO of Biostadt India Ltd., a leading position in the Biotechnology research-based agro inputs. Interactive session of Krishi Jagran Media Group with Mr. Chopra in National Symposium on Agrochemicals for Food and Environment Safety, IARI, new Delhi he shared current scenario of agro chemical Industries in India. Excerpts :

Q.1 Will you introduce nanotechnology innovation in your company's Agri- inputs ?

Ans.1. Future of nanotechnology based agro produce is bright but presently at commercial level it is not successful. In future, we can step in the field of nanotechnology research based agri inputs, but still we are not working in this area. In next 2-3 years nanotechnology might get implemented.

Q.2. What type of products is your company providing to the consumers?

Ans.2. We provide biotechnology research based agro inputs to farmers. We are dealing mainly biologicals, crop protection, aquaculture inputs and hybrid seeds. In biologicals, we provide liquid and granule form of plant growth stimulate. For crop care, several types of fungicides, insecticides and herbicides products are developed by our company. In our aquaculture inputs section we are providing various types of senitizer, adsorbant, probiotics, feed additives, fish stimulants, harmones etc. In seed section we are giving hybrid seeds of field and vegetables crop as well as BT-cotton seeds.

These products are very popular in domestic market. Besides this, we are also exporting to our products in European countries.

Q.3. Tell me which are the maximum revenue generating product of your company.

Ans. 3. Of course, In India, Seed business is very popular. We are deriving maximum benefits from our hybrid seeds and biological products.

Q.4.What was your company's quarterly performance ?

Ans.4. India has a very diversified agro climatic condition. In this quarter we faced very erratic monsoon all over India which affected our sales outcomes. So we have not received so much. Despite this we have achieved a single digit growth.

Q.5. What are the present challenges faced your company ?

Ans.5. Agri -input industry of India is highly uncertain due to unpredictable monsoon, government policies and farmers behaviour. We can not assume how much quantity of input will be required to Indian farmers. This is a big challenge for us to judge farmer's requirement.

Q.6. For marketing of any product price place key role. Are you ensuring price to be one of your USP ?

Ans.6. Our Company ensures quality product for our consumers therefore pricing is not considered to be our USP broadly speaking. Due to quality product availability, our consumers are always ready to pay a premium.

Q.7. Describe future plan of your company ?

Ans.7. Our company is continuously working in differentiation of our products, and we are constantly working on product mix and infrastructure of our products. There will be lots of potential and opportunities to develop our company and position among the top most brand of the company.

Q.8. Future of GM crops are viable or not ?

Ans. 8. Future of GM crops are very bright even we are providing BT cotton seeds to farmers and it is still very popular among farmers.

Q.9. Which segment of farmers you are targeting ? Is it big, small are marginal ?

Ans. 9. Currently it is the big farmers which is our traditional segment.Due to many constraints the small and medium farmers are unable to access our products.

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