Suraj should be among the top 20 seeds company by 2020

Dr. S.P.S.Kushwah  has an experience of more than two decades in the seeds Industry. He is also M.Sc. in Botany & Ph. D.  Presently, he is  CMD ofSuraj Cropsciences Pvt. ISO-9001-2008 Certified seed company based in  Gandhinagar, Gujarat.  OurExecutive Editor S.S.Dogra took his exclusive interview at his office duringVIBRANT-2015. Let’s see what Dr. Kushwah shares about seeds industry as a whole.

Q. What is your personal view about the seed industry in India?

Ans. Seed industries having great scope in country being SRR is very low.

Q.  What is your experience in the field of Agri Industry?
Ans. 23+  Years experience in seed industries.

Q . Who are  the main players  in the Seed Industry in India & abroad?

Ans. Main Players in the seed industries in india are as follows:

  • Nuziveedu Seeds
  • Mahyco Seeds
  • Kaveri Seeds
  • Rasi Seeds
  • Ajeet Seeds
  • Syngenta Seeds
  • Bio Seeds
  • Nunhems  Seeds

Q. Who are the leading seeds companies apart from India?

Ans. World top 5 seeds companies.

  • Monsanto (US)
  • Du Pont (US)
  • Syngenta (Switzerland)
  • Group Limagrain (France)
  • Land O Lakes (US)

Q.  How is your company growing in the field under your expert guidelines?

Ans. We are almost doubling ours figures every year since our inception.

Q. Explain in detail,   about the basic infrastructure a seed company should have? Besides your company's plant, poly house, field measurement.

Ans. Seed testing laboratory, Bio tech laboratory, De humidified godowns, Zone wise Godwon at strategic locations in the company, with trained manpower, good ethical network of distributors, Land for R&D and GOT at different climatic zones.

Q. What is the Success Mantra of your company?

Ans. Grow together. Root level knowledge of seed industries of Directors. Expertise in handling the business with availability of required fund flow. Good team work.

Q.  Please explain,   How a company can grow consistently?

Ans. By maintaining the quality of product and strong R&D., adoptability with the changing environment.

Q.   How to judge a good seed to obtain better & healthy crop?

Ans. The seed which can qualify with all quality parameters and even more then the specified standards.

Q. Any message for the farmers.

Ans. Suraj Cropsciences Private Limited is committed and will always strive hard to provide innovative seeds for attaining maximum agricultural production with minimum resources.

Q.   What is the   future planning of your company?

Ans. To grow with the more then present pace by adding bio-technology. Adding more improved quality products.  Ethical business scenario. We want to see Suraj to be among the top 20 seeds company by 2020.

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