"The Show Will Bring the Best of Knowledge & Expertise From Across the Globe to Our Farmers": Vijay Sardana, a Techno-Legal Expert, on His Upcoming Talk Show with Krishi Jagran

Vijay Sardana
Vijay Sardana, a Techno-Legal Expert

Vijay Sardana, a techno-legal expert, and Krishi Jagran have teamed together to create a chat programme for farmers in which the former would briefly debate various agricultural concerns with agri-experts and important industry figures.

Interestingly, farmers and those working in the agriculture industry will have access to experts in the field to discover a one-stop solution to their difficulties.

In a conversation with KJ, Vijay Sardana disclosed how the upcoming talk show will assist farmers to stay updated so they can better use their resources and opportunities.


Question: To begin with, Congratulations on signing an MoU with a leading agri-media organization. Needless to say, you’re one of the leading voices when it comes to legal issues, policy, and agri world; and you’ve just signed an MoU with Krishi Jagran, one of the most trusted agri-media players in the agriculture domain. What’s the objective behind it?

Vijay Sardana: India is an agro-based economy and there are many changes happening around the world that will have serious impact on farmers and the economy. This forum will focus on what is happening around the world and how we can bring the best of the knowledge base and expertise from across the globe to our farmers and our country. This forum will provide a platform for all the stakeholders.

Question: How do you see this collaboration bringing change into the farming industry and on the ground?

Vijay Sardana: The Power of partnership always helps. Good quality knowledge base and extensive outreach is a very good partnership for better development. Further, a good knowledge base and communication reach are vital for development in sectors like agriculture because our stakeholders are located in small villages and they are unable to access the conferences and seminars. This partnership is committed to bring the best and deliver to all stakeholders.

Question: Is this in any way in coherence with PM Modi’s vision of doubling farmers’ income or changing the face of Indian agriculture?

Vijay Sardana: In the modern world, Knowledge is Power. Knowledge will empower our farmers to make the right decision which will help in better income generation. Without innovative approaches and updated knowledge, it is difficult to improve for any stakeholder. In the present times, even the big companies will sink without updated knowledge. And hence, our effort is in line with the vision of the Prime Minister of India to improve farmers’ income.

Question: What’s it that viewers could look forward to from the program?

Vijay Sardana: We are committed to bring meaningful information to the stakeholders from the people who matter. We will synthesize and distill the useful information for the stakeholders and deliver the same in a simple and easy-to-understand manner that can be used by them.

Question:  What do you think are the core and relevant agriculture-related issues that you would like to talk about in your very first episode?

Vijay Sardana: In the initial days, we will focus on the people who decide the policies for the country. We will focus on key policy issues and key technologies which are required for our stakeholders.


Question: Do you foresee any big announcements related to agriculture coming in this year’s budget?

Vijay Sardana: Agriculture will always be a focus area in every budget. Many projects need attention from policymakers. I am sure many new developments will happen this year. The forthcoming budget will also display the intention of the policymakers toward the farmers.

Question: How do you see 2023 announced as the ‘International Year of Millets’ favoring the Indian agri economy?

Vijay Sardana: This is a big opportunity for India and it must take full advantage of its traditional knowledge. In fact, every state government must promote their traditional foods made up of millet. Our food industry players should also focus on product development for the global market from millet-based recipes.

Question: Indian agriculture is evolving – going from tractor to tech i.e. drone, AI etc. making their foray into agriculture. Do you see these helping or interfering with the growth in the farming community, which isn’t getting adapted to these updations as quickly as expected?

Vijay Sardana: Technology plays a disruptor role in every sector. Agriculture will also face the same disruption in the coming days. Digital technology will make agriculture more efficient, less wastage, and more eco-friendly. Traceability will be mandatory under the law in every major economy, and technology will help in achieving this objective. Every farmer will have access to global technology on his mobile. We all should create a technology-friendly ecosystem to help our farmers in their efforts of improving their income.

Question: Spurious pesticides have been another big issue. Why have we failed to tackle it till now? What steps do you think could help us with this menace?

Vijay Sardana: Quality of inputs is a very important concern. Government must introduce a mandatory traceability system for all inputs so that spurious products can be wedded out from the system. Blockchain technology to the retailer’s end, accessible via mobile apps by the farmers, will help address these concerns. Government must bring changes in the law for faster adoption of technology in all laws related to agriculture inputs and outputs. This will help farmers and consumers both. Farmers will get a better price for their output.

Question: What are the new policy initiatives that will rejuvenate agri sectors in India?

Vijay Sardana: Policy must simplify the technology adoption, and facilitate better marketing access to farmers along with infrastructure development. Indian farmers must be provided with knowledge and technology to compete with the best in the world. Moreover, FPOs and cooperatives must be encouraged to play a big role as facilitators.


Question: Anything you wish to say to our viewers, waiting to watch you interacting with the distinguished personalities and addressing the concerns of the agri-industry?

Vijay Sardana: Please block your weekly schedule to watch these meaningful discussions. Do share your feedback and adopt good practices. Please also share with your friends so that all can benefit from the vital issues discussed in these weekly episodes.

I can assure all the stakeholders, we will ensure the best content comes to you. Our teams will work very closely in partnership to bring the best to our viewers. Do not forget to share and do not forget to subscribe and don't forget to give your feedback. These are vital contributions from the viewers. This collective effort is to make farmers empowered and prosperous.


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