7 th Basmati Export Development Establishment in Meerut

India, being one of the major rice producing countries, Basmati rice is produced in large quantities in the country. In order to test its quality, 7th Basmati Export Development Establishment has been built in Meerut. On this, Agricultural scientists stress this center to be a  matter of pride, because there was no such centre in UP before. This center has been built keeping in mind the cultivation of basmati rice in Uttar Pradesh. So far the farmers had to go to other centers for this. Indian Agricultural Research Institute, Hyderabad has given its approval to the Basmati Export Development Export Promotion Association. It will have to meet seven standards. The Basmati species yield, quality of Basmati species, the ability to fight disease, the effect of insects in the crop, the availability of water in the Basmati field and the production of Basmati from the second variety should be 10 to 15 percent more. So far in India there were just 6 basmati research centers.

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