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‘AgroPressure’ by Michelin to be Exhibited at SIMA 2019

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo
sima 2019

Michelin has collaborated with 365FarmNet. Together both the companies will offer their consumers with a new component known as ‘AgroPressure’ by Michelin, which will be available on 365FarmNet’s platform. With the help of this component, the cultivator will be able to determine the appropriate tire pressure in real time to optimize the grip of the tire. It will reduce pressure losses and fuel consumption and also limit soil compaction, irrespective of the brand of tire.

About AgroPressure

Farmers at present, have technologies whose potential for their daily work has not yet been completely utilized. This basically applies in particular to the tyres and the right choice of pressure as both have direct impact on profitability and soil conditions.

Now the question arises that how can the cultivator get the most out of the tyres as well as the tractor while working in the field, while protecting the soil at the same time? Solving this problem, Michelin along with 365FarmNet will now provide farmers a free solution that mechanizes important steps. After being connected to his 365FarmNet account, the grower first opts for AgroPressure and then is guided step-by-step through the solution.

He describes the accurate tire pressure for each field action, based on the equipment used and the prevailing soil conditions.

He incorporates several parameters to benefit from the most exact recommendation - tire type, pressure conditions, ground conditions, vehicles and so on.

In case there is a risk of compaction, he will automatically receive a warning. And if the risk is very high, then he can alter his parameters before working in the field.

Once the optimal pressure has been identified, the cultivator can store the data and access it afterward. This not only saves time but also benefits him from automated technical expertise.

Moreover, AgroPressure optimizes selection of tire and pressure as never before.

1. Clear overview

The component offers a suggestion on pressure based on a clear overview. It helps the farmer to make the best choice to protect his soil and increase productivity.

2. Several different brands in just one list

The component has a list of tire brands. For the Michelin tires, the pressure is estimated mechanically while for other manufacturers, the farmer has to calculate the pressure himself or manually. The result is an imitation that provides a decision-making support.

3. Back-up history

The cultivator does the pressure calculation only one time but the data is stored and available at any time.

The new component will be exhibited at SIMA 2019 at the booths of Michelin - Hall 6 D007 and 365FarmNet - Hall 4 J038. Michelin’s AgroPressure will be available free of charge on 365FarmNet for Germany, France and Poland from April this year.

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