ALERT! Global Trade Map to Export Indian Horticultural Produce

The Centre is trying to explore export avenues of Indian Horticultural produce with the country’s horticultural production surpassing that of foodgrains. In this direction, the Centre is now preparing a global trade map for Indian horticultural produce. 

ICAR, Research’s Deputy Director-General (Horticultural Sciences) Dr. Anand Kumar Singh said, “In a situation where exchange rates are higher, the benefit of horticultural exports would go to all the stakeholders right from farmers to transporters, value adders, packers and those operating cold storage units.”  

According to Dr. Singh, the global trade map would indicate commodity-wise potential in different countries for Indian horticultural produce. 

For example, data showed that potato seeds were in greater demand than potato in several countries. “We have already commenced export of potato seeds.10,000 tonnes of seeds had been exported so far to Russia and Holland during this financial year. This was in tune with the Centre’s plan to double farmers’ incomes by 2022, he said. 

He further added, “As per the estimates from the Ministry of Agriculture, horticultural production was around 306 million tonnes. However, though the quantum of production was increasing, there was a need to focus on quality. We need to maintain improved quality if we have to cater to the global market.” 

ICAR asked agricultural extension wings to transfer ‘knowledge’ to farmers rather than only transfer technologies. 

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