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Amit Shah Inaugurates Computerization of Uttarakhand’s Multipurpose PACS Today

Union Home Minister and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah inaugurated the computerization of Uttarakhand's Multipurpose Primary Agricultural Credit Cooperative Societies (MPACS), Joint Cooperative Farming, Jan Suvidha Kendras, and Janaushadhi Kendras in Haridwar today. Several dignitaries attended the event, including Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami.

Shivam Dwivedi
Uttarakhand government has risen to first place in the country's cooperative sector
Uttarakhand government has risen to first place in the country's cooperative sector

In his address, Amit Shah stated that under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership, the work of computerization of Primary Agricultural Credit Society (PACS) began in Uttarakhand on October 30, 2021, for the first time in the country, and that computerization of all 670 PACS in the state has now been completed.

He stated that we had already given model bylaws for MPACS to state governments and that the task of establishing 95 MPACS in Uttarakhand had already been done. In addition, Uttarakhand is the first state to establish 95 Jan Aushadhi Kendras and Jan Suvidha Kendras under the Cooperative Societies, according to Shah.

According to the Union Home Minister and Cooperation Minister, Prime Minister Narendra Modi established a separate Ministry of Cooperation in the country with the goal of "Sehkar Se Mantri." The Ministry of Cooperation has begun the computerization of all 65,000 active PACS in the country. Several infrastructures, including 307 District Cooperative Banks, have been automated, according to him.

Shah went on to say that by completing the computerization of 307 cooperative bank branches and 670 MPACS today, the Uttarakhand government has risen to first place in the country's cooperative sector. He stated that computerization will offer complete transparency to the institution and that audits would be conducted online, improving PACS's financial discipline.

According to Shah, 95 Jan Suvidha Kendras will bring more than 300 initiatives from the Central and State Governments directly to villages. He went on to say that cooperative Jan Aushadhi Kendras would make 50 to 90 percent of affordable medications available to the public. Shah announced today the launch of the integrated collective cooperative agricultural model in 95 development areas across Uttarakhand.

According to Amit Shah, the Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered the restoration of money to around 10 crore depositors who had placed their money in four cooperative societies of the Sahara Group at the request of the Ministry of Cooperation. He stated that with this historic judgement, all Sahara Group investors would have their money back. Shah further stated that all Sahara Group investors can submit applications to the Central Registrar and receive their money back in 3-4 months following verification.

According to the Minister of Cooperation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched numerous new initiatives with the slogan "Sehkar Se Samridhi." He stated that the government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is establishing a National Cooperative University, a National Cooperative Policy, and a Cooperative Database. In addition, Multistate Cooperative Societies have been founded for seed distribution, organic farming marketing, and farmer produce export. He stated that the Nal se Jal (water from the tap) Scheme would be given over to the PACS in the coming days since, according to the model bylaws of the multifunctional PACS sent by the Government of India, the PACS would also be able to provide water to the village. He claimed that the PACS could now do a wide range of tasks.

By establishing the Ministry of Cooperation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has linked many marginal farmers with modest landholdings to a variety of companies. He expressed his belief that by making PACS multifunctional, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has taken a significant step towards increasing farmer income through cooperatives. He stated that under Prime Minister Modi's guidance, all cooperative efforts undertaken by the government of Uttarakhand, led by Pushkar Singh Dhami, have been implemented at the grassroots level, benefiting small farmers in Devbhoomi.

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