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Basant Panchami Special: Welcome These Bright Spring Flowers in Your Garden This Year

Nikita Arya
Nikita Arya

In India, the spring season has a special significance for many reasons. The auspicious festival of 'Basant Panchami' is celebrated with great enthusiasm, and marks the onset of spring in the Indian subcontinent. The festival also holds a great significance for the farmer community as they celebrate the harvesting of their agricultural fields ripening with bright flowers after the cold and monotonous winter months.

The plants, trees, and flowers blossom out of spring and begin to grow new leaves again while colorful flowers start to bloom. In this season, the sun also begins to shine brighter than ever. Such an eye-pleasing season of spring brings a lot of opportunities for homemakers to decorate their lawns and gardens with the vibrant spring flowers. For you, we have prepared a list of such radiant flowers that will adorn your gardens this spring season.


The bright and big yellow sunflower attracts you as soon as your eyes meet it. One of the biggest aesthetic qualities that makes it different from all other flowers is that its head likes to move in the arc of the sun as if the flower is tracking the sun. However, as the plant grows, this tracking ceases or slows down. This flower is grown in the spring season and can make your garden very bright.


Peonies are the large spring flowers that usually bloom in the months of April, May or June. Peonies are an all-time favorite for decorations in floral arrangements and wedding ceremonies. The color of peonies ranges from white, pink and red to coral, maroon and yellow. Another notable thing about this variety of flowers is that many peony flowers change color as they open. There might be new surprises for you every day when they bloom,  so you must keep a check on them to witness this.


The plant of Vinca is one such plant that bears flowers for the longest time. It's an evergreen plant that grows at quite a fast pace. The flowers of this plant are red, white and purple in color. These flowers require very little attention, so it's a perfect variety of flowers for someone who has less time to tend.


A warm light-purplish color Lilac is loved by many due to its subtleness. But not many people are aware that Lilac is a common flowering shrub with a pleasant smell. Lilac has many varieties in colors too, ranging from rich burgundy-purple, lilac, lavender, blue, white and even yellow. The flower represents the youth and will embellish your garden with its subtle beauty.


Quite popularly known as 'Touch-me-not flower', the flower of Balsam has so many other nicknames like jumping betty and lady's slipper. The flowers of balsam are about 12-24 inches tall and are perfect for flower-bordering your garden. These tender and gentle flowers can grow in both sun and shade and looks perfectly beautiful in various colors like pink, white, red, purple and rose.

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