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BAU Researchers Develop 2 New Innovative Products That Reduce Farming Costs

The researchers of Bihar Agriculture University (BAU) at Sabour have invented two innovative products for a reduction in farming costs substantially.

Shivangi Rai
BAU has applied for patent for the two products — ‘Nano Phosphorus' and 'Hydro Gel'
BAU has applied for patent for the two products — ‘Nano Phosphorus' and 'Hydro Gel'

The BAU has applied for the patent of two products ‘Hydro Gel’ and ‘Nano Phosphorus recently. The products help improve soil health and water availability in arid zones.

The BAU recently received the first-ever patent for ‘Multi-Nutrient Nano clay Polymer Composite’ and its mechanism for the synthesis of the same product from the Controller General of Patents, Designs, and Trade Marks, Government of India.

Nano Phosphorus fertilizer is a customized liquid phosphorus nutrient premix containing particulates of ionized phosphorus immersed in the colloidal amino acid matrix along with phytase and phosphate enzymes for usage in agriculture and also for usage in agriculture and animal feed supplementations. The research also said that phosphate enzymes are also very useful in agricultural fertilization programs and animal feed supplementation.

They also said that besides being non-toxic to the plants, it rebuilds tired nutrition through remineralization, improving plant health and rising the energy levels, water, and nutrient holding capacity adding the nano phosphate stimulating the root development necessary for the plants to get nutrients from the soil and also helpful for the maturity of plants at the right time. 

Also, they added that the Nano phosphate fertilizers help in the assistance of plants in capturing and converting the sun’s energy into useful plant compounds.

Likewise, the researchers also say that the hydrogels are three-dimensional network structures that are able to consume large amounts of water. Hydro-gels do not dissolve due to chemical or physical cross-links or chain entanglements, adding hydro-gels in the form of polymer networks such as gelatin or collagen and can be made synthetically.

In addition to this, they also said that hydro-gels of varied kinds could be useful in agriculture, reduction of drought stress in plants, and better utilization of irrigation water and fertilizers. The addition of super absorbent hydro-gel polymers can be assisted in soil permeability, structure, density, texture, infiltration, and evaporation rates of water through the soil. It is helpful in regions where water availability is very scarce and helps the water supplementation needed for the plants by slow release of water when required.

Dr. N Mandal, assistant professor in the nanoscience and nanotechnology unit, Department of Soil Sciences and Agricultural Chemistry at BAU the projects are being undertaken by the team led by him. 

He said both nano phosphorus and hydro-gels are innovative products for better cultivation and overall cost reduction in cultivation activities. Dr. D R Singh, BAU vice chancellor said that we have already got the first patent right of the MNCPC recently and have filed for the patent rights for the two latest pieces of research and, after securing it will be assisting in the commercial production of all three patented products.

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