Beauty Contests at Paddy fields to attract Youth

To promote Agriculture in the state, Goa Agriculture Minister advised conducting a beauty contest in the Paddy fields. Shri Vijay Sardesai, Agriculture Minister, Goa is making attempts to make agriculture an attractive profession.

"Today agriculture does not appeal to the young generation. They feel that it is a profession of the old. The need of the hour is to incentivize agriculture," he said.

Stressing his point, the minister said, "If you want, you can even host beauty contests in paddy fields. Let the youth come. You can do that. Do everything possible to get the young generation to the fields".

Sardesai had recently appealed to the farmers to chant a Vedic mantra in their fields and adopt "cosmic farming" techniques to increase the yield. He said one should adopt traditional methods of farming. "This is required for the food safety," he adds.

Underlining the importance of farming, Sardesai said, "The Goa government will remain the guarantor of land to ensure that no one grab the land in question once it is brought under the contract farming scheme," he said.

In countries like Philippines, Manila and Indonesia, such beauty contests, costumes showcase in the rice fields happens usually and now Goa, adopting such trends is welcoming which might be an international attraction as tourism as well.

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