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Bengal Govt Launches Project to Deploy Artificial Reefs Deep in Bay of Bengal

To encourage sustainable fishing and improve the livelihood of marginal fishermen, the Bengal government has launched a pilot project to deploy artificial reefs deep in the Bay of Bengal under its authority.

Shivam Dwivedi
The artificial reef attracts fish and provides a habitat for them
The artificial reef attracts fish and provides a habitat for them

Artificial reefs provide habitat, food, and other factors required for biodiversity and a productive ocean. This, in turn, produces a diverse range of marine life, enticing divers and anglers.

The artificial reef attracts fish and provides a habitat for them. An artificial reef is a man-made fish-aggregating structure that resembles the characteristics of a natural reef- a ridge of materials such as rocks or corals positioned at or near the ocean's surface. This, in turn, promotes sustainable fishing and the improvement of fishermen's livelihoods.

The Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana scheme, which aims to bring about a blue revolution through sustainable and responsible fishing, was first implemented in Tamil Nadu.

To begin, the state fisheries department in Bengal will deploy 70 reefs, each 5ft high and made of reinforced cement concrete, in Diamond Harbour and Contain Zone by the end of the month.

"Each artificial reef will weigh approximately 200kg. The growth of fishing habitat and corals around these reefs will be monitored for about a year during which no fishing will be permitted," stated Piyal Sardar, assistant director of fisheries.

Roughly 40 artificial reefs will be put in the Diamond Harbour zone of the sea, while 30 reefs will be built in a pollution-free zone in Contai, according to Sardar.

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