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Best Business in India: Earn Huge Profit Every Month By Starting This Business in Less Than Rs. 50000

Rishabh Bhan
Rishabh Bhan

Everyone knows that cow or buffalo dung is used for organic manure or is used to make bio-gas. Many people make faces seeing cow dung or shrink their nose because they don’t know how useful this dung can be. With the use of cow dung, you can make many things like wooden logs and sell it in the market.

In this lockdown period, if you want to start your own business but are not able to open due to less money or resource then cow dung business is suitable for you. The main asset of this business is that the competition is very less and its demand is very high. In addition, this business has more profit in less cost. You can earn easily upto Rs. 10000 in the first month and Rs. 50,000 in the sixth month. All you need to start is a machine to make the sticks.


  • The price of this machine is Between Rs 30000 to 1 lakh. 

  • This machine is able to prepare 1 kg of wood in 15 seconds.

  • Motor Power - 2 HP.

  • Voltage - 220.

You can buy machine from here :- 

How are wooden logs made from Dung? 

  • Blend of dung and straw is fed into the hopper of the machine. 

  • The machine has been provided with Screw mechanism, which helps in mixing raw materials thoroughly, compress them and extrude them out.

  • We can make different size and shape of logs by using different size of die. 

  • The logs which are produced are then put under the sunlight to dry out the moisture inside them, making them hard and sturdy like wood.  

  • This machine can prepare one kg of wood in 15 seconds and will be sold at Rs 600-700 per quintal. 

  • A large number of trees are cut to get wood for the funeral, which damages the environment and also produces more smoke.

Herbs are added (optional) 

  • Herbs are added to incense sticks. Makes forgiveness, sandalwood powder, lotus leaf, indigo kernel, poppy seeds etc. 

  • This makes the incense sticks fragrant. Also, there is no immediate harm to the environment. 

Where to sell these wooden logs ? 

  • In today's time there is a huge fine on cutting of trees, so there is a huge demand from the country as well as abroad of Dung wood. 

  • You can sell these wooden logs in places where snow falls throughout the year, this wood is used to keep the house warm.

  • Other than this, Indians settled abroad use these wood for pooja recitation or else, you can also sell these wood online or you can supply it to those companies which are doing business online.  

  • These wooden logs are now also being used on brick kilns because it is considered good to use items made of cow dung to make the environment favorable. 

  • These wooden logs can be used in Havans, funeral, yajna etc. 

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