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Bhindi (Okra) with the Extended Shelf Life

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Vegetables too have shelf life challenges as of fruits.  It is very difficult to send the produce of selected vegetables from Farm to far off places. Bhindi (Okra) is having a short shelf life. The US based Hazel Technologies has developed the new shelf life extension technologies for fresh produce, specially vegetables.

Okra is one of the most difficult specialty vegetables to ship at peak quality. In order to address this challenge, Agritrade Farms will begin using Hazel® Okra with its entire program following positive trial results.

Hazel Technologies, Inc., a USDA-supported company developing new shelf-life extension technologies for fresh produce, announces a new partnership with Agritrade Farms, LLC, grower of specialty vegetables in Honduras and the Dominican Republic. The partnership will initially focus on one of Hazel’s most recent innovations in post-harvest quality technology, Hazel® Okra. Agritrade Farms intends to use the product to achieve a new standard of freshness for its customers in North America and Europe.

Hazel® Okra is the newest addition to the Hazel℠ suite of technologies funded by the USDA through product development grants. The Hazel® product line is a suite of easy-to-apply packaging inserts for protecting post-harvest quality in fresh produce categories like tomato, melons, tree fruit, kiwi, avocado, and some specialty vegetables. 

“Hazel® Okra will help us bring okra, one of the fastest growing items in retail produce aisles, to the consumer fresher than it ever has been before,” said Paul Boris, partner and vice president of sales at Agritrade Farms. “Using this technology will help us dramatically increase the condition and lower shrink of each shipment.”

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