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Colours of Spring: NDMC Horticulture Team Creates Visual Bouquet

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan

Urban horticulture plays an important role in aesthetics and promotes stress free atmosphere. 15 Lakh people are regularly visiting the New Delhi Municipal Council area on behalf of various official purposes. To facilitate the citizens who are visiting the area it’s the primary Duty of NDMC to maintain the roads, parks, avenue roads and provide aesthetics to each specific region so that the memories just remain forever.

Urbanization in Delhi has led to an increasing pressure on land and consequently dwindling resources for maintenance. Visiting Common areas like India Gate lawns, Parks and Gardens are very popular on Saturdays and Sundays. We see a good crowd assembled in all the areas to enjoy the sights. Every spring in Delhi, hundreds to thousands of citizens visit these areas for sightseeing purposes. Each Spring is a sight for our Citizens and these are immaculately kept by the New Delhi Municipal Council.

The New Delhi Municipal Council has a separate Horticulture team lead by Mr. D. Chellaih. He has around 1500 staff under him who keeps working throughout to maintain and upkeep the planting of the annuals, perennials, and seasonals. NDMC Horticulture Director himself takes the responsibility of the planting pattern, color schemes, and designs.

Apart from these maintenances and upkeep of the greenery, NDMC boasts of organizing several flower festivals too. The function of these festivals is to promote trade and to provide leisure to urban citizens. New Delhi Municipal Council area has many green areas and boasts of 1200 colony parks, 1500 acre, and 52 roundabouts. Importance to Urban Horticulture is to be provided in all open green spaces in metros and cities for the overall city development.

This Spring we see Live Tulips all over Central Delhi, New Delhi Municipal Council Horticulture Team headed by the Director MR.S. Chellaih presents a visual bouquet in almost all roundabouts and gardens. Tulips are the most popular of the bulbous flowers being valued for their warm  and mesmerizing colours. You can indeed have a tulip tour throughout the entire New Delhi and take insta worthy images and all the selfies you want says the Director himself. Within ten days, in the last week of February, they will all bloom completely to present a visual treat you would never want to miss.

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