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Congress Leader Priyanka Gandhi Launches Women-Centric Naa Nayaki Scheme Providing Rs. 2000 per month

The Congress general secretary made a pre-poll promise of providing Rs 2,000 to every woman in a household per month in Karnataka.

Shruti Kandwal
The Congress has consistently pushed forward Priyanka as the face of the women's scheme in all election-bound states. (Pic Courtesy: Twitter @rssurjewala)
The Congress has consistently pushed forward Priyanka as the face of the women's scheme in all election-bound states. (Pic Courtesy: Twitter @rssurjewala)

After winning in the northern state of Himachal Pradesh, Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra pledged to provide every woman in Karnataka households Rs 2,000 per month as part of her election platform. According to Congress, this will benefit more than 1.5 crore women in the state. Each home in Karnataka will receive 200 free power units each month, according to past promises that were made by the party.

Priyanka started the "Naa Nayaki" (I am a leader) campaign for Mahila Congress at Bangalore Palace grounds. The announcements focusing on women are known as "Griha Lakshmi Yojana."

"The money will be instantly credited to the family head's account. She informed a big group of women, "This money for every woman would help them run their household by overcoming the stress of price rise and increase in LPG costs.

A replica of a check dated July 1, 2023, paid to "Women head of every family" in Karnataka for Rs 2,000 per month, was unveiled by Priyanka.

A similar system had been introduced by the Congress in Punjab as well, but it has not yet been put into action. The DMK and Trinamool Congress both made similar promises during the elections in Goa and the Tamil Nadu assembly elections of 2021, but neither party is yet to carry them out.

"In Himachal Pradesh, the Congress had promised more than 90 lakh women Rs 1,500 every month. A committee has been established to put it into effect within a month after it was successful in the state "a party leader stated on the condition of anonymity. "We'll make sure it's delivered on July 1 throughout Karnataka."

When Sonia Gandhi campaigned for the position in Ballari in 1999, Priyanka was a huge hit there. In all states with upcoming elections, Congress has continuously promoted Priyanka as the spokesperson for the women's movement. Her statement serves as a preview for a special women's manifesto for the Karnataka elections, which will take place before mid-May.

The women-focused plan introduced by Priyanka on Monday was criticized as a "fake promise" by the Karnataka BJP. It made the point that other governments would not be able to carry on this promise. They cited, among other things, the Rs 2,500 monthly payment in Chhattisgarh and the Rs 3,500 monthly allowance in Rajasthan for young women who are unemployed.

Basavaraj Bommai, the chief minister of Karnataka, made fun of Priyanka just before she arrived in the southern state, claiming the women of the state weren't ready to turn her into a "Nayaki" (leader).

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