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Coronavirus: Delhi-NCR Reduces Consumption of about 17 lakh litres of Milk due to Lockdown

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

According to official sources, traditionally Delhi-NCR has been the largest milk market in the country. However, the demand for milk has decreased by nearly 17 lakh litres per day due to lockdown in the national capital. These days there has been a significant decline in milk consumption due to lockdown, so less liquid milk is being sourced from outside accordingly. Despite the drop in demand, about 60 lakh litres of liquid milk is still consumed every day in Delhi NCR. 3 lakh litres of tea is sold every day. 

Why the consumption has reduced 

Official said that around 7 to 8 lakh litres of milk is consumed daily in the sweets shops in Delhi-NCR region. However, these days’ sweets shops are also closed, so there is no demand from there. 

Vegetarian people or non-vegetarians in Delhi NCR use cheese. At this time, the use of cheese is becoming less, because people are scared in lockdown and shops are not opening. Hence, cheese is not being made. It is said that every day around two and a half to three lakh litres of milk cheese was made and which has now reduced. 

Hotels and restaurants in Delhi-NCR region also consumed around one and a half lakh litres of milk and milk products on daily basis. However, these days hotels and restaurants are also closed in lockdown, so the demand for milk has decreased there too. 

Lakhs of labourers and expatriates have gone back along with their family children. Hence it is estimated that due to all these factors every day 2 lakh litres of milk is less sold. 

To meet the daily demand of liquid milk in this region, milk is sourced from other states of the country through railway tankers. These days, when the demand for milk has decreased by millions of litres, less tankers are being demanded due to coronavirus. 

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