CRPF Giving Advanced Scientific Training to Farmers in Jharkhand

The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel after putting the brakes on Maoist activities in the Saranda forests of West Singhbhum (Jharkhand) are focusing on developing the nearby villages. The security forces along with villagers are trying to improve the agricultural productivity.

Last year in November, the CRPF had supplied electricity to two villages in Saranda. This month, the force’s 197 battalion camps, together with the district agriculture department have started providing advanced scientific training to cultivators in remote villages to increase farm productivity.

The CRPF organised a one-week capsule course (7-13 January) to train the farmers. In total, 14 farmers from Chhotanagra, Thalkobad, Karampada, Nura, Roam and other villages were trained in advancements in soil condition analysis, application of pesticides on particular meadow, practising multiple cropping, obtaining more yield with limited water use and other agricultural techniques.

Parma Shivam, Commandant of CRPF 197 battalion, said that they were trying to let farmers obtain the benefit of government schemes available in the agriculture sector. He added that the battalion will make sure that more and more farmers get scientific agricultural training for enhanced production.

He said, “Growers had given soil samples for scientific testing. Agriculture scientists then replied with their suggestions as to which particular crop should be cultivated and the best pesticides for increased productivity”.

Ashish Kumar, Deputy commandant said that the security personnel have brought peace in Saranda with the help of villagers in the battle against Maoists and now it was time to develop the area.

The CRPF aims to help farmers in distant areas cultivate more vegetables and purchase the produce for 100 jawans of the battalion, positioned at different camps in Saranda.

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