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CSIR's Republic Day Tableau Showcases 'Purple Revolution' and Women-Friendly Electric Tractor

CSIR's Republic Day Tableau encapsulated the journey of the 'Purple Revolution,' showcasing the intersection of science, agriculture, and women empowerment in the picturesque landscapes of J&K.

Shivam Dwivedi
CSIR's Republic Day Tableau Showcases 'Purple Revolution' and Women-Friendly Electric Tractor (Photo Source: @DrJitendraSingh/X)
CSIR's Republic Day Tableau Showcases 'Purple Revolution' and Women-Friendly Electric Tractor (Photo Source: @DrJitendraSingh/X)

The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) stole the spotlight at the Republic Day Parade 2024 with its visually captivating tableau, emphasizing the success of the 'Purple Revolution' in Jammu & Kashmir. This agricultural transformation, propelled by CSIR's scientific interventions, has not only led to the phenomenal growth of lavender cultivation but also paved the way for the development of lavender-based products. The initiative has successfully taken lavender from the laboratory to the market, fostering the creation of several agri-start-ups in the region.

CSIR's Elite Lavender Variety and Agro-Technological Support

CSIR's pivotal role in the 'Purple Revolution' involved the development of an elite lavender variety specifically tailored for cultivation in the temperate regions of Jammu & Kashmir. As part of this initiative, CSIR provided free lavender saplings and comprehensive agro-technologies to farmers. Additionally, distillation units for essential oil extraction were strategically installed in various regions of J&K, contributing to the overall success of lavender cultivation and earning it the well-deserved sobriquet, 'Purple Revolution.'

CSIR Unveils India's First Women-Friendly Electric Tractor

Not stopping at agricultural innovations, CSIR showcased India's first women-friendly, compact electric tractor during the Republic Day Parade. The indigenously developed PRIMA ET11 tractor aligns seamlessly with the Viksit Bharat theme, embodying progress and inclusivity in the agricultural sector.

Empowering Women in Agriculture

The front section of the CSIR tableau depicted an abundance of lavender cultivation, accompanied by a figurine representing an empowered 21st-century woman farmer from Jammu & Kashmir. This visual representation underscored the significant role played by women in the 'Purple Revolution' and highlighted the strides made towards gender inclusivity in agriculture.

Agro-Mechanical Marvel: PRIMA ET11

The middle section of the tableau showcased CSIR's scientific interventions and the provision of quality planting materials to farmers. A special focus was given to the PRIMA ET11 electric tractor, symbolizing the integration of agro-mechanical technology to enhance agricultural practices in the region.

Agro-Technical Developments and Lavender Essential Oil Extraction

Continuing the narrative, the tableau featured farmers actively engaged in lavender cultivation, emphasizing agro-technical developments. The distillation unit for extracting essential oil from lavender flowers was also prominently displayed, showcasing the technological advancements contributing to the success of lavender-based products.

The rear section of the tableau provided a glimpse into the concept of agri-start-ups in India, highlighting the export of lavender-based products such as perfumes, oil, and incense sticks. This segment celebrated the achievements under the government's initiatives, focusing on scientific developments that enhance farmers' incomes, promote women's empowerment (Naari Shakti), foster agri-start-ups, and contribute to global business.

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