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Delhi Rain Alert: Traffic Police Urges Commuters to Steer Clear of These Waterlogged Routes

Waterlogging and tree uprooting have caused disruptions in traffic flow on certain roads.

Vivek Singh
Waterlogged in Delhi (Photo Courtesy: @nonawalia/Twitter)
Waterlogged in Delhi (Photo Courtesy: @nonawalia/Twitter)

As relentless rain pelted various parts of Delhi this Saturday, the national capital experienced widespread waterlogging and ensuing traffic congestion. In response to the challenging conditions, the Delhi Traffic Police issued a late-night advisory to notify commuters about the affected routes. The advisory highlighted that the downpour resulted in waterlogging and uprooting of trees, hampering traffic movement on several roads.

Commuters are strongly advised to steer clear of specific routes to ensure a smooth journey. Areas such as Khan Market, Teen Murti round-about, GGR-PDR, A-Point to W-Point, Kamla Express Building, Andrews Ganj, Khanpur T-point, and the underpass at Bhairon Marg have been particularly identified as persistently waterlogged zones, warranting avoidance.

Delhi residents and travellers are urged to stay cautious, as heavy rainfall continues to create chaotic conditions on the city's roads. Following a recent downpour on Saturday, certain locations reportedly experienced severe waterlogging, leading to significant inconvenience for commuters trying to reach their destinations. In particular, areas such as Tuglak Road faced the additional challenge of uprooted trees, further hampering vehicular movement.

In response to the situation, the Delhi Traffic Police issued an advisory acknowledging the impact of the evening rains. The advisory urged commuters to plan their journeys accordingly and avoid the affected stretches for their own convenience. The ongoing waterlogging and flooding in various parts of Delhi are a result of relentless rainfall and the release of water from the Hathni Kund Barrage in Haryana.

As the city grapples with these weather-related challenges, residents and travellers are encouraged to stay updated, exercise caution, and make necessary adjustments to their travel plans.

The plight of residents dealing with waterlogging in Delhi continues, as commuters were spotted pushing their motorcycles through the waterlogged areas. The water level of the River Yamuna, a key indicator of the city's flood situation, fluctuated throughout Saturday. At 1 pm, the water level was recorded at 207.27 meters, slightly lower than the 207.38 meters observed at 12 pm. Notably, on Friday night, the water level peaked at 207.98 meters around 11 pm.

Adding to the concerns, the Indian Meteorological Department issued a forecast on Friday, predicting light to moderate rainfall accompanied by thunderstorms over the next 4-5 days in Delhi. In response to the challenging conditions, the Delhi Traffic Police released an advisory highlighting specific issues on Mathura Road.

The carriageway from Badarpur towards Ashram experienced waterlogging opposite Apollo and Jasola metro stations, leading to slow traffic movement near the Sarita Vihar flyover. Commuters are advised to plan their routes accordingly, taking into consideration the affected areas.

As the city grapples with ongoing waterlogging woes, residents are encouraged to stay vigilant and make necessary adjustments to their travel plans, while authorities work to address the situation.

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