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Disinfectant Oven, NEELABH by Indore Municipal Corporation Sanitizes Vegetables and Keeps Coronavirus Away

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan

In the midst of COVID-19 panic, scientists and even common man has been thinking of various effective ways of sanitization so that we could keep germs and viruses at bay. The market is overloaded with ovens and machines that could sanitize each objects form the corona virus . WHO and Medical research scientists have been working day in and out to find best option. According to them it is supposed that the Broad spectrum UV- C rays are the best in effectively destroying viruses but they are very harmful to human. 

But this one caught my attention by the volume and scale and the produce that is dinfected. What we hear latest in news are reports of Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) that has started making vegetables germ free by a special kind of   Disinfectant oven which could be of help in freeing vegetables and fruits from viruses. This oven, named Neelabh, has the Ultraviolet-C spectrum. Controllers and timers control the operations of this oven and is done without any exposure of the rays on human. It is completely told to be safe as the UV rays remains inside and doesn’t come out.

This facility has been started at a garden according to some reports which is a centre established for preparing vegetable baskets which are delivered to houses in the city. They might make the same facility available at many centres in the city and state. This facility frees 1 quintal of vegetables from bacteria in just 30 seconds. The oven is made of food grade stainless steel.  

The nearest future would see replicas of these ovens reaching airports, hotels, shops, railway stations offices schools, canteens etc. Other items like electronic equipment could also be disinfected and does not get spoiled in this. 

Image courtesy: Free press journal 


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