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Dr. Abhilaksh Likhi Chairs Meeting to Review the Saline Water Shrimp Aquaculture in These States

The Department of Fisheries, in collaboration with stakeholders and government bodies, is spearheading efforts to transform saline-affected areas into thriving aquaculture zones.

Shivam Dwivedi
Dr. Abhilaksh Likhi Chairs Meeting to Review the Saline Water Shrimp Aquaculture in These States (Photo Source: PIB)
Dr. Abhilaksh Likhi Chairs Meeting to Review the Saline Water Shrimp Aquaculture in These States (Photo Source: PIB)

Dr. Abhilaksh Likhi, Secretary of the Department of Fisheries, presided over a critical meeting via video conference to exploit the untapped potential of saline land resources in the northern states of Haryana, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh. The goal was to develop collaborative methods for the development of shrimp aquaculture in these regions, involving states, ICAR, and other agencies. During the meeting, the Department of Fisheries underscored the need for concerted efforts to leverage saline land resources that are unsuitable for traditional agriculture.

The focus was on identifying 25 districts in these states where shrimp aquaculture could be adopted to generate employment, enhance livelihoods, and raise awareness about shrimp consumption.

Addressing Challenges in Saline Land Aquaculture

All four states pledged to include project proposals for the development of saline-affected areas in their Annual Action Plans, seeking necessary support under the Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana (PMMSY). Recognizing the challenges inherent in saline land aquaculture, participants agreed on the necessity of an awareness campaign.

The campaign, to be organized with the support of ICAR, State Fisheries Departments, and other agencies, aims to promote shrimp consumption in the northern part of the country. Additionally, a survey of potential clusters and culture areas in the identified 25 districts will be undertaken to facilitate sustainable aquaculture.

Collaborative Initiatives and National Level Committee

To foster collaboration between ICAR-CIFE Rohtak center and State Fisheries Departments, workshops and training programs for farmers and entrepreneurs will be organized. Furthermore, it was proposed to establish a National Level Committee to review existing guidelines for white shrimp culture, strengthen facilities at ICAR-CIFE Rohtak, and devise strategies for the sustainable development of saline aquaculture in north Indian states.

India's Leading Role in Shrimp Production

India currently holds the distinction of being the world's top cultured shrimp producer. Shrimp contributes to over 65% of India's total seafood exports in value terms. The country possesses vast potential for brackish water and shrimp aquaculture in saline-affected areas, with millions of hectares available for development. The government's ambitious goal is to bring an additional 1 lakh hectare under aquaculture.

The comprehensive approach outlined during the meeting aims to not only boost economic opportunities but also strengthen India's position as a global leader in shrimp production.

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