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Dree Festival: Arunachal Pradesh Governor Encourages Youth to Harness Agriculture Potential

The Governor's call to the youth to embrace agriculture and allied sectors aims to drive economic growth, sustainable development, and prosperity for the region as a whole.

Shivam Dwivedi
Dree Festival: Arunachal Pradesh Governor Encourages Youth to Harness Agriculture Potential (Photo Source: @TakiTage twitter)
Dree Festival: Arunachal Pradesh Governor Encourages Youth to Harness Agriculture Potential (Photo Source: @TakiTage twitter)

Governor K.T. Parnaik urged the youth to harness the power of agriculture and its allied sectors to turn the state into the ‘food bowl’ of the northeastern region. Parnaik made this statement on the occasion of the Dree festival celebrations of the apatani community in lower subansiri district of the state on Wednesday.

Governor extended warm greetings to the people, emphasizing the significance of the Dree Festival. He explained that Dree symbolizes the divinity that protects crops and ensures bountiful harvests, filling the granaries with abundance. He highlighted the festival as a time to foster love, unity, and camaraderie among community members.

Governor Parnaik emphasized the role of indigenous festivals in promoting peace, harmony, and prosperity in the region. He called upon the people to preserve and propagate their rich cultural heritage, safeguarding their traditions for future generations to cherish.

During the celebrations, the Governor praised the active participation of women and children in the cultural program. He lauded their contributions, stating that they exemplified the purity and divinity inherent in the festivity.

Furthermore, Governor Parnaik commended the Apatani tribe for their efforts in maintaining a unique agricultural practice within their community and preserving the pristine environment. In addition, he advised the youth to explore opportunities in cultural tourism, entrepreneurship, horticulture, and other promising service sectors.

As part of the festival activities, the Governor visited painting and photography stalls, where he took the opportunity to appreciate the talents on display. He also presented the "Teacher of the Year" award to TGT Padi Manu of the government secondary school, Hong. The award recognized her initiative in establishing a library at the school, demonstrating her commitment to education.

Prominent dignitaries attended the Dree Festival celebrations, including Minister for Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Veterinary & Dairy Development, and Fisheries MLA Tage Taki, Lower Subansiri DC Bamin Nime, SP Sachin Kumar Singhal, Tarh Tabin of Arunachal Indigenous Tribe Forum, and apex members of community-based organizations.

The Dree Festival, celebrated by the Apatani community, continues to be a vibrant event that showcases their rich cultural heritage and strengthens the bonds of unity and harmony among the people of Arunachal Pradesh.

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