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Earth Day 2020 is Now Digital! Featuring Live Shows & Daily Challenges, You Too can Join In!

Tooba Maher
Tooba Maher

Earth Day: Every year on 22nd April, World Earth Day has been celebrated across the globe. Now, for the year 2020 there is something more special. Earth Day 2020 will be celebrated by ‘digital means’ due to the COVID-19 pandemic. PM Modi tweeted on the occasion of Earth Day, in which he expressed his gratitude towards Mother Earth & the abundant gifts she has showered on us. He added by lauding the efforts put in by COVID-19 warriors, who are working at the forefront to fight against the Coronavirus.

Earth Day 2020 Digital:

Interestingly, for the first time ever, Earth Day is going completely digital. On the website of official Earth Day, people from all over the world can join in for an all-day live stream event. It will be featuring messages, performances & calls to action from a group of people ranging from Al Gore and Zac Efron.

Apart from the live stream shows, there will be daily challenges, petitions, volunteer activities and even graphics to share on social media so that everyone from your community is involved. Adding to it, Earth Day's social media will also release 1 action each hour for 24 hours so that people can participate in helping the planet.

Earth Challenge 2020 app:

Interested ones can also download the Earth Challenge 2020 app. It is "fueling the world's largest citizens scientist effort" to gather scientific data around you. The app allows users to measure air quality & plastic pollution to help researchers identify regions most affected by climate change.”

A variety of activists, with entertainment & political celebrities, will offer performances, teach-ins, discussions and even suggestions for action on the office website of the Earth Day movement. These will take place for 24 hours. There will be participants like Steve Ballmer, Pope Francis, Senator Elizabeth Warren, & Dave Matthews.

The Earth Day 2020 program will include 10 short animated films by professional animators, college students, and children, all from the Pacific Northwest and curated by artist & animator Marilyn Zornado. All this will be available from 8AM ET on April 22nd through 8PM ET on Sunday, April 26th.

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