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Fond Remembrance of Ayya Nammalvar

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Farming is not a way of producing crops to make money. It is a way of living that is possible even in the 21st century.  - Nammlavar

As We remember and commemorate 6 years of the great Nammalvar, the great inspiration since 1977, the outstanding proponent of agroecology and pioneer of sustainable agriculture in Tamil Nadu. Vanagam /Nammalvar Ecological Foundation cordially invite all to join in for Ayya Nammlavar’s Commemoration on January 1/ 2020, 10 am onwards. The function will be presided by Meena Nammlavar. The special invites are Dr Debal Deb, Ecologist and Seed Saver, Basudha Farm, Kolkatta, Rama Subramaniyan, Dharma institute, Chennai and Dr Janakirajan, Profesor, Chennai.

Ayya Nammlavar was well known for his clear understanding of agroecological principles, compassion for poor farmers and good sense humour. Nammlavar having graduated in Agriculture, had a brief stint with the Agricultural Research Station at Kovilpatti. Somehow, he wasn’t satisfied with the research work being done there and left the institute for better fortunes. For the next 10 long years Nammlavar worked with Islands of Peace, a Belgian non-governmental organisation which works for development. 1970s, Nammalvar became greatly influenced by Paulo Freire and Vinoba Bhave and their theories on education. Nammlavar became very eager to propagate these ideas and started a society called Kudumbam in 1979.Nammalvar in 1990 founded an organisation called LEISA for Low external Input Sustainable Agriculture. Vanagam is a non-profit organization founded by Dr. G. Nammalvar in 2009. Vanagam concentrates on four platforms listed below:

  1. Organic Farming

  2. Traditional Medicine

  3. Education

  4. Conservation of the Environment.

Nammalvar travelled widely, wrote several books and articles in Tamil Language. In the process of travelling, he was also involved in setting up several research and training centres across South India.He visited farms, interacted with farmers around the world so as to spread the idea of Ecological development. Without government support,he has spent susbstantial part of his time actively touring the south and conducting training classes to many farm youths and  helped many farmers to be master trainers.

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