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Government Announced MSP for Black & Green Gram

The State government on Tuesday announced that it would directly procure 4,000 MT of black gram and 3,367 MT of green gram from farmers during 2021-22. It announced a minimum support price of ₹63 a kg for black gram and ₹72.75 a kg for green gram.

Ayushi Raina
Female Farmers working on field
Female Farmers working on field

The state government stated on Tuesday that it will directly purchase 4,000 MT of black gram and 3,367 MT of green gram from farmers in 2021-22. It set a minimum support price of Rs.63 per kilogram for black gram and Rs.72.75 per kilogram for green gram.

During direct procurement in regulated marketplaces, the ideal moisture content of black gram and green gram is 12 percent. The nodal agency would be the Tamil Nadu State Agricultural Marketing Board, the direct procurement centres would be regulated markets, and the central agency would be the National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Ltd. (NAFED).

NAFED is governed by the Multi-State Co-operative Societies Act. NAFED was founded with the goal of promoting cooperative marketing of agricultural products for the benefit of farmers.

Black gram would be obtained directly through 31 regulated marketplaces. According to an official release, green gram would be obtained through 17 regulated marketplaces.

Farmers who want to take advantage of the scheme should bring their chitta, adangal, Aadhaar card, and bank account data to the relevant regulated marketplaces, according to the statement. The funds would be transferred straight to their bank accounts. The government will make a decision on directly buying red gram shortly after the crop was harvested.

It may be remembered that at the presentation of the Agriculture Budget, the State announced that it would purchase pulses directly from farmers through regulated markets at minimum support prices in order to safeguard farmers against price drops during harvest seasons. It stated that it will purchase 61,000 MT of pulses such as red gram, black gram and green gram this year.

"Action will be made to purchase these protein-rich pulses through co-operative societies and the Tamil Nadu Civil Supplies Corporation to distribute through the Public Distribution System and also to provide for the noon meal scheme," according to the budget.

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