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Government extending all help says Srihari Kanchala,Triangle Farms, Hyderabad

Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan
Dr. Lakshmi Unnithan

Triangle Farms Private Limited is a state of the art Green House set up which produces an extensive array of fresh vegetables and fruits at, Hyderabad.  It is involved in Growing of crops; the hydroponics way. I am always amused at the care and perfection to the core which Triangle Farms follow in cultivating their crops and also the care to their workers at the time of a Lockdown the entire country is facing.

Triangle farms and the management says they whole heartedly support Honourable PM and his decisions. But People in manufacturing cannot work from home and some are paid daily and they also cannot work home. The same goes for agriculture who are paid daily for their work. Triangle farms have decided to pay their workers the entire salary this month even for the days they have not worked. It is tough as a business says the management but from the workers point of view also it is tough.We stand together as a nation and also with our staff says Triangle farms in their statement. They also say that they are happy to give some of their produce for free if any vegetable procurement firm want to take their produce at the farm as this can be given to people for free who cannot afford to buy or go out to buy vegetables.

All being said, Srihari Kanchala, Senior Product and Program Manager of Triangle Farms said transport from the farm to Hyderabad Cold storage Mandi was never a problem.The moment they said they are moving fresh produce nobody would ever deny. As local Govt. are allowing all basic essentials to be send out and with local market and basic essentials shops being opened gradually they are also  sending their  produce after harvesting to some places. It is still not 100% smooth, but we believe the local Govt. is doing its best to help us all.But As of now the country needs to practice social distancing even when working in the farm.

We make sure that the staffs are checked for temperature and they do maintain a safe distance when they do the harvesting and also wear mask. They are asked to use sanitizer frequently to keep their hands clean. It is also hot as usual at this time of the year and wearing all these stuff is not very easy and it makes work difficult for the staff , as we Indians are not used to wearing mask and doing work. But now this looks like going to be a norm for quite sometime. But we do appreciate our staff for coming and working at our farm during this hard times, yes money is needed they could have said no and stayed back. But they were determined to make sure all the hardships they did put in to see the produce is not wasted at all.

There is a commendable effort by the Govt. of Telangana who visited their site yesterday says Srihari Kanchala. The Mandal Revenue Officer (MRO), Tahasildar and HO from Zaheerabad and Sangareddy were at the farm to verify whether all the safety procedures are followed. They also instructed us on how to make things even better and what procedures needs to followed for getting things sorted. MRO & RDO have commended following two ways at Triangle Farms.

  1. The first preference is to have labors inside premises with accommodation for carrying out critical operations, after getting check-up at nearest quarantine centre.

  2. Second preference is to approach the nearest VRO and employ only such labors commended by VRO through  respective Sarpanches who certify that there are no affected persons in the families. In either case the farms   need to declare list of labors and undertake responsibility of labors and restrict to certain numbers. They have a clear set of instructions and well planned. We really salute the officers who are also humans like us and helping people says Srihari.

Srihari Kanchalaexplain that they have started their first delivery to the nearest Mandi at Zaheerabad. He goes on to tell us that we should be greatful to all the delivery people who are braving this tough time to ensure supply of essentials goods and they believe in the coming days all of the e-commerce delivery or other essentials vendors should be able to deliver.  As they request all Indians to be a bit patient as even for us this is new to us and we are all trying our best to assist during this tough times.

They believe there are a few problems and if that too gets sorted out there wouldn’t be any further issues.

  1. Ensure farmers have enough inputs like equipments, seeds, fertlisers etc without delay and no escalation in cost.
  2. Ensure farmers get workers to do the job a without delay and no escalation in cost
  3. Ensure government procures it as a minimum price directly from the local mandi itself do that the farmers dont need to arrange for their own transport.

We hope all issues get sorted out quickly and we resume normal lives.

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