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Herbicides and Insecticides Sell at High Prices in India due to Coal Crisis in China

Abin Joseph
Abin Joseph
Worker At A Coal Mine In China

China is facing a major power crisis and has ordered coal miners to boost output. 3 major coal-producing provinces have pledged to increase production, coal is the backbone of china’s energy complex amounting to 62 per cent (according to estimates by Barclays) of Chinese energy consumption it is also responsible for 2/3rd of the country’s power generation.

Hence Shortage of Coal has left it in a huge power crisis, one which has even led it to backtrack on its ban on coal imported from Australia.

This power crisis has led to the shortage of various products both technological and chemical. In the farming industry, the country is facing a shortage of Glyphosate and Acephate.

Glyphosate, the chemical used to create herbicides of various brands perceived as a quick treatment by farmers in India, it is commonly known as “round up” and has become more expensive due to a lack of coal in China, which has resulted in power outages and greater environmental monitoring. 

A bottle of Glyphosate which used to be sold at a price of Rs 300 is now being predicted to sell at a price of Rs 600 - 700 this is mainly due to the increasing price of its raw materials.

Insecticide, acephate, on the other hand, which is used by cotton growers have also gotten more expensive owing to similar causes. A bottle of acephate which used to cost 650 rs now costs about Rs 950.

Provinces across China have ordered their residents and industries to curb their energy consumption. At the beginning of 2021 coal used to be priced at only Rs 5018.20 per tonne however now in October 2021, it is priced at Rs 17676.05 per tonne and is becoming harder to afford.

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