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ICAR-CARI’s Neem Summit & Global Trade Fair Showcases Power of Neem in Agriculture and Beyond

The Neem Summit & Global Trade Fair in New Delhi showcases neem's diverse potential, emphasizing global perspectives, national missions, and sustainability in agriculture.

Shivam Dwivedi
ICAR-CARI’s Neem Summit & Global Trade Fair Showcases Power of Neem in Agriculture and Beyond (Photo Source: PIB)
ICAR-CARI’s Neem Summit & Global Trade Fair Showcases Power of Neem in Agriculture and Beyond (Photo Source: PIB)

The Neem Summit & Global Neem Trade Fair, a collaborative effort with ICAR-Central Agroforestry Research Institute, Jhansi, unfolded its doors in New Delhi with a grand inauguration by Secretary, DARE, and DG, ICAR, Dr. Himanshu Pathak. The event featured the participation of 22 companies from India and abroad, offering a diverse display of neem-based products. The Trade Fair kicked off the event, showcasing the innovative and diverse applications of neem products. Dr. Himanshu Pathak, alongside dignitaries including Dr. P.K. Singh and Justice Honorable K.T. Tated, inaugurated the Trade Fair. With 22 companies participating, the trade exhibition became a hub for neem-related advancements.

Following the Trade Fair, the Neem Summit was inaugurated by Secretary, DARE, and DG, ICAR, Dr. Himanshu Pathak, along with esteemed Guests of Honour Dr. P.K. Singh and Justice Honorable K.T. Tated. The seminar, witnessing the participation of nearly 250 attendees, including 10 from overseas, revolves around the theme ‘Neem for sustainable Agriculture, health, and Environment.’

Global Perspectives on Neem Advocated by Distinguished Speakers

WNO President Dr. B.N. Vyas welcomed the gathering, emphasizing the global significance of neem. Dr. A. Arunachalam introduced the program, setting the tone for discussions on neem's multifaceted role. Dr. Rajbir Singh provided insightful remarks on the importance of neem in sustainable agriculture.

National Mission Emphasized for Neem Growth

Distinguished guests underscored the crucial role of neem in human well-being. Given the country's priority in promoting neem-coated urea and neem-based health products, the cultivation of neem on a national scale emerged as a vital mission. The Summit spotlighted neem as a plantation forestry option to sustain the raw material requirements of various industries.

Neem Trees for Carbon Farming Advocated

In addition to its industrial applications, the program highlighted the environmental benefits of neem trees for carbon farming. Advocates emphasized the importance of incorporating neem cultivation into broader sustainability initiatives.

The two-day program encompasses seven technical sessions delving into various aspects of neem research and development. A series of releases, including the Souvenir, WNO Calendar, and Technical Bulletin titled "Neem Field Gene Bank - Provisioning Opportunities for Conservation and Utilization," underscored the importance of preserving and utilizing neem resources.

Recognition of Excellence: WNO & SSCE Awards

Outstanding contributions were acknowledged through the presentation of WNO & SSCE Awards by Guests of Honour Dr. P.K. Singh, Justice Honorable K.T. Tated, and Chief Guest Dr. Himanshu Pathak. The Secretary General Dr. Nirmala Kothari extended a Vote of Thanks, expressing gratitude for the collective efforts in advancing the cause of neem in agriculture, health, and the environment.

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