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"If you want to understand the farmers, first understand the farming" says Mr. Singh

KJ Staff
KJ Staff

Joint Forum of National Farmers Labor Party and 193 Farmers Organizations of the country, Mr. V.M. Singh, National Convenor of All India Kisan Sangharsh Coordination Committee (AIKSCC), is deeply saddened  with the poor statement given to the sugarcane farmers of Pilibhit by MP Maneka Gandhi, in which Mrs. Maneka Gandhi Instead of listening to the various problems, advised them to stop the cultivation sugarcane by saying that this country does not need sugar.

Mr. Singh said that India is an agricultural country in which Pilibhit is a district where sugarcane is a major economic crop. Sugarcane is the only crop that can contribute to the tears of the farmers during the annual flood caused by floods by Sharda and Devaha rivers. He said that in such a way, the presents given to Mrs. Gandhi's farmer are a sign of their complete dissatisfaction with the duties of the MP.

He said that for the last 25 years, farmers of Pilibhit have been voting for Mrs. Gandhi whereas in return they got more and more insults. On the other hand, for more than 25 years, the sugar cane has been fighting a legal struggle from the High Court to the Supreme Court for the protection of the farmers' interests and has been giving the farmers rights to their rights from time to time, even though they are not on any political post. 

He said that during the past year the problems of the farmers have increased because they could not give time to Pilibhit. Explaining the reasons for this, Mr. Singh said that for the last one year he has apologized for all the debts of the farmers of the whole country and engaged in the fight against issues like fixing the beneficial price of agricultural produce, according to Swaminathan Commission's recommendations. Now he is trying to convene a special session of Parliament to resolve the problems of farmers, with the shared support of 21 political parties of the country.

He assured the farmers that he would soon come to Pilibhit and not allow the food grains to deprive them of their rights. Now think of the farmers themselves and decide whether they will leave the sugarcane quenching quarrels or leave the cane after releasing sugarcane?

Instead of throwing such bad statements for the farmers, who are not in the farming business just for their family but are also to provide food to the whole nation, the person who is appointed to serve the people for their welfare, should listen to them and understand the situation very clearly, only then they will get to know how bad it is to hurt the people's sentiments who are looking at them with the hopes of betterment.    

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