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India records 10 lakh coronavirus cases: Deaths fewer than US and Brazil, Vaccine hope continues

Garsha Sai Nitesh
Garsha Sai Nitesh

On Thursday India recorded more than 35,000 new infections of the novel coronavirus. With this, the total number of cases in the country has crossed 1million or 10 lakh mark. Till yesterday evening, the COVID-19 cases in all states together stand at 10,04,000.

The novel coronavirus was first reported in a wet sea market in Wuhan China. From where the disease spread throughout the world and forced countries to lock themselves. The United States remains the most affected nations with 3.6 million cases and 1.41 lakh deaths reported.

Brazil is the next worst-hit nation with 2 million reported cases and 76,822 deaths. Across the world, 13,969,528 people have been infected by the virus so far of which 5,80,000 have died.

The most affected nations the US and Brazil are adding the highest number of infected patients every day than India. However, India has recently crossed the 30,000 cases per day mark for the last two cases. Brazil at present is adding more than 40,000 cases per day while the US has been adding 50,000 cases daily.

In India, Maharastra is the worst affected state with more than 2.84 lakh and 12,000 deaths reported. The next most affected state is Tamil Nadu with more than 1.56 lakh cases and 2,236 deaths. In Urban cities, Delhi is the worst affected with 1.20 lakh cases and 3,545 deaths.

Deaths due to the virus have been less when compared to the US and Brazil in India. When the US touched 1million cases deaths reported were 57,700 and when Brazil touched the number of deaths reported was 50,000. India reported in total 25,000 deaths so far.

Nearly two dozen vaccines around the world are in clinical trials. Besides, 140 are in the early stage of development yet. The vaccine for the novel coronavirus is under trails. The Oxford vaccine is the most talked about in the media. Reports suggest that the early trials have been conducted successfully.

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