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India's First Urban Farming Centre Inaugurated on Rooftop of Hyderabad's CDMA

The Founder & CEO of Living Greens Organics Pvt Ltd, Prateek Tiwari, on Tuesday, August 29, inaugurated India's first Urban Farming Centre on the rooftop of Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration (CDMA) at Hyderabad's Masab Tank in collaboration with CDMA Staff College in India.

Aysha Anam

In a groundbreaking move towards promoting sustainable agriculture and urban farming, Prateek Tiwari, the Founder & CEO of Living Greens Organics Pvt Ltd, unveiled India's inaugural Urban Farming Centre on the rooftop of the Commissioner & Director of Municipal Administration (CDMA) building at Masab Tank, Hyderabad. The event, held in collaboration with CDMA Staff College in India, marked a significant milestone in the country's efforts to integrate eco-friendly practices into urban landscapes.

The rooftop farm, which covers the expanse of the CDMA rooftop, showcases a live demonstration of innovative techniques for cultivating fresh organic vegetables, medicinal plants, and aromatic herbs without the use of soil. The venture aims to address multiple objectives that are set to redefine urban farming in India.

One of the primary objectives of the Urban Farming Centre is to provide urban residents with a firsthand experience of how organic produce can be grown on rooftops through Portable Farming Systems. The setup demonstrates the feasibility of producing high-quality, organic crops in limited spaces without the need for traditional soil-based cultivation methods.

Another noteworthy aspect of the initiative is its focus on training. The centre is poised to offer training programs in Rooftop Organic Farming to Women Self-Help Groups (SHGs). These training sessions will empower women with the knowledge and skills required to cultivate organic vegetables, not only for personal consumption but also for commercial purposes. This move not only contributes to women's empowerment but also promotes local entrepreneurship and healthy living.

Government departments are also set to benefit from this pioneering project. The Urban Farming Centre plans to provide training to various governmental bodies interested in adopting organic farming on their rooftops. By equipping these departments with the know-how of sustainable agriculture, the initiative aims to foster a culture of eco-consciousness and self-sufficiency.

The journey of Living Greens Organics, which paved the way for this remarkable project, began in 2013. Prateek Tiwari, an agriculture engineer at the time, took the bold step of leaving his stable job at Walmart to venture into the world of organic farming. Fueled by a deep understanding of the potential ill effects of consuming conventionally grown fruits and vegetables, Tiwari embarked on a mission to provide accessible solutions for urban dwellers to cultivate their own organic produce.

Tiwari's ingenious solution involves offering lightweight portable greenhouses that can be installed on rooftops, catering to individuals and families with space constraints. This innovative approach not only promotes sustainable practices but also adds a touch of greenery to urban landscapes.

The inauguration of India's first Urban Farming Centre stands as a testament to the nation's commitment to sustainable agriculture, eco-conscious living, and innovative solutions for urban challenges. As the rooftop farm begins to bloom, it is expected to inspire similar endeavors across the country, ushering in a new era of responsible farming and consumption.

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