Integrated Pest and Disease Management in ground nut and betelvine

Shri.P.R.Ramesh, Subject Matter Specialist (Soil Science) explained on importance and use of organic manures and demonstrated the preparation and use of Arka Microbial consortium in betelvine crop.  He stressed the importance of soil testing and explained in detail about the soil sampling.  Shri.J.M.Prashanth, Subject Matter Specialist(Horticulture) explained in detail about the package of practices to be followed in Arecanut cultivation.  He also stressed the use of recommended dose of fertilizers and timely inter-cultivation operations for better yield.

Dr.B.Hanumanthe Gowda, Subject Matter Specialist (Plant Protection) explained in detail about pests and diseases of ground nut, Arecanut, Coconut and Betelvine and their management.  He also demonstrated the preparation and use of Bordeaux mixure for management of foot rot disease in Betelvine.


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