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International Body Proposes 5-Point Formula to Make Farming Profitable Venture

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

The International Society of Extension Education (ISEE) has suggested a 5-point formula to the States, mainly Karnataka, to bail out farmers from crisis and to make farming a profitable venture.

ISEE will soon present the formula to the State government, informed its head K. Narayana Gowda.

The first and main component of the 5-point formula is to introduce data-based farming under which farmers of different regions would be advised to cultivate specific crops that suit their area, environment, and soil condition. Experts would then evaluate the quantum of particular crops in the period and prevent from undue sowing and production. He said, “This is to prevent cultivators from glutting the market with certain crops by informing them at the initial stage of sowing”.

The other important component is integrated farming that will help in increasing incomes through multiple crops like animal husbandry, fishery and floriculture etc. The third component is value addition and processing that includes establishment of processing units to increase the shelf life of produce and reduces post-harvest losses.

The next component is the formation of producers’ groups that will reduce the cost of farming through the sharing of production costs. It will ensure easy access to the extension network, in addition to paving the way for collective bargaining in the market. The last component is obtaining remunerative prices, which the public feels is possible if the government units to eliminate the role of middlemen and launch innovative marketing systems.

Gowda told that people were ready to provide expertise of international experts if any of the State governments showed interest in executing this model.

ISEE President said the agrarian crisis was becoming an international phenomenon owing to lack of coordinated efforts among authorities.

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