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International Workshop on Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture conceptualizing ‘Nutri-Smart Villages’

Chander Mohan
Chander Mohan

In view of the sluggish nutritional performance demands reshaping and reconnecting the modern agriculture and food systems to nutrition-sensitive programs and policies. A three-day International Workshop on Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture and Nutrition Literacy will be organised from 14-16 May 2018 at Amer Greens, Bhopal with the collaboration of Department of Women and Child Welfare, Department of Farmer Welfare and Agriculture Development, Government of Madhya Pradesh, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) Atar, Jabalpur, UNICEF Madhya Pradesh, International Fund for Agriculture Development and Deendayal Research Institute, New Delhi.

Informing the media persons, Woman and Child Development Minister Archana Chitnis said, “The sluggish nutritional performance demands reshaping and reconnecting the modern agriculture and food systems to nutrition-sensitive programs and policies. For this we have worked in 313 blocks of the State in which a successful work is done in 200 blocks so far.”

She said that agricultural initiatives alone cannot solve the nutritional crisis in India but they can play a much bigger role toward that end.  “This International Conference is an initiative to bring together economists, nutritionists, scientists, academicians, researchers and other key stakeholders to build consensus on the key pathways between agriculture and nutrition in Madhya Pradesh and address key knowledge gaps and drive a change in State's policy and programme processes to tackle nutritional deficiency issue”, added Chitnis.

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The conference will be culmination of a series of various events that have been organized in the year 2016-17 including Workshop of Home Scientists at Chitrakoot, Workshop on Agriculture for Nutrition and Nutritional Awareness Bhopal, National level workshop on Agriculture for Nutrition, Shillong and State level workshop on Nutri Smart Village Bhopal.

Archana Chitnis informed about ‘Nutri-Smart Villages’ at the block levels in State.

It will set a working model for the nutrition security at the village level through practicing the nutrition-sensitive agriculture and nutrition literacy.

It will help to identify effective methodologies and interventions to integrate nutrition in a holistic and multi-sectoral way,” she said.

“This is a consultative effort to build knowledge on the issue and augment technical expertise to address the nutrition obstacles of our State,” said Chitnis.

For devising Nutritious Tiranga Thaali, the concept recognized and envisioned is "Jo Khaayen wo Ugaayen".

“The international conference will provide tools, approaches and methodologies to understand that gender equality and women's empowerment are vital to meet the challenges of nutritional security.

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