Japan's Paddy Art, a New Way of Agritourism

When art becomes the theme of agriculture then it will be an exceptional masterpiece. Each farmland in  Inakadate, a Japanese Village is a piece of art.  The farmers of this village make detailed patterns by planting a different variety of rice to make an artwork. Each paddy field of this village has an artistic touch and it is a beautiful art in all manner. The themes vary every year and it ranges from mythical characters to Hollywood fame.

This practice started in 1993 is bringing fame and revenue to this village which was once in the verge of ruin. The paddy art fetches revenue double the expense spent for maintaining the paddy field. This artwork last throughout the growing season.

 happy buddha

The artwork is created carefully by designing in the computer and genetically engineered variety of rice are carefully planted by the farmers.the local green leaf variety is carefully clubbed with dark red, yellow and white(genetically engineered )varieties.

Each year more and more designs are evolving and it also attracts more and more visitors are coming to catch the glimpse of this art. They have created historical figures like Napoleon, Marilyn Monroe, mythical characters, and cartoons. To view these artwork people from far away cities visit this village creating hours-long traffic jam.Inspired by Japan’s paddy art, India also has its version.


Japan’s Tanbo Art in Maharashtra's Donje Phata.

 Maharashtra Ganapthi Paddy Field

Paddy art which is called as Tanbo art in Japanese is very familiar for the villagers in Donje Phata. Thanks to Pune-based engineer-turned-botanist, Shrikant Ingalhalikar, who introduced this concept. Contrary to Japan he identified indigenous varieties of rice with coloured leaves before starting the project. He meticulously planned and planted the rice varieties to create a Ganesha image. This artwork was able to lure tourists to this village. Ingalhalikar is trying to make this beneficial for the village economy and also to create awareness for the village youth to indulge in agriculture.

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