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KALIA Yojana Second Phase Payment, Check Features, Date, Balance, & Other Details

The second phase of KALIA Yojana payments involves around 13 lakh farmers from the second beneficiary list. Read more details.

Vivek Singh
Kalia Scheme for Odisha (Photo Courtesy: Kalia Scheme)
Kalia Scheme for Odisha (Photo Courtesy: Kalia Scheme)

The second phase of KALIA Yojana payments, involving around 13 lakh farmers from the second beneficiary list, will be distributed through Direct Bank Transfer (DBT) mode by the Odisha government starting in November 2019.

What is the KALIA Yojana and KALIA Yojana Second Phase Payment Release?

The Odisha Government introduced the KALIA program to improve farmers' well-being and promote agricultural prosperity to reduce poverty. In January 2019, the First Phase Beneficiary payment covered 12 lakh farmers, with 12,45,490 beneficiary accounts identified. Funds were successfully transferred to 12,43,449 bank accounts, while 2041 accounts had issues. The government has yet to confirm the release date for the Second Phase Payment of the KALIA Yojana.

KALIA Yojana 2nd List Balance Transfer Details

The beneficiary verification process, started in August 2019, is nearly complete. It has uncovered that about 20,000 government employees/pensioners and 9,000 minors have been receiving program benefits despite not meeting the eligibility criteria.

Kalia Yojana New Beneficiary List Objective and Features

The Odisha Government has launched the Kalia Yojana new list to help farmers by forgiving their debts and addressing their long-standing concerns. The program aims to strengthen the agriculture industry and provide comprehensive support. The government has allocated a budget of 1000 crore rupees to reduce farmer poverty in Orissa through debt forgiveness. The initiative targets marginal farmers, landless labourers, and disadvantaged agricultural families.

Landless agricultural workers will receive an annual payment of Rs. 10,000 for their welfare, while beneficiary farmers will get Rs. 25,000 per family across five seasons. Additionally, farmers in Odisha will receive a crop loan of Rs. 50,000 at a 0% interest rate. Residents aged 50 and below with savings accounts in Odisha will also receive personal accident coverage of Rs. 2 lakhs, with a potential payout of Rs. 12 lakhs.

KALIA Yojana Second DBL List

The Odisha state government has published the second-phase draft beneficiary list for the KALIA Yojana, which includes two separate lists for Small and Marginal farmers and Landless agricultural laborers. This list is divided into two parts: Part A contains information about selected beneficiaries who submitted complete Green application forms, while Part B (Incomplete list) includes details of those who did not provide enough information during the application process. The list is available based on Gram Panchayats.

How to Check KALIA Yojana Second Phase Payment

If your name appears on the KALIA Yojana Beneficiary List, you will qualify for financial support through the program. Once you've verified your inclusion in the Final List, please get in touch with your affiliated bank branch to receive your KALIA Payment, as the government will use the Direct Transfer Method to transfer the funds.

Instructions for Accessing the Portal:

  1. Visit the official Kalia Yojana website.

  2. The homepage will be displayed.

  3. Click on the "login" option.

  4. Select your category.

  1. Choose the appropriate link for your category.

  2. Enter your username, password, and captcha code.

  3. Finally, click the "login" button.

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