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Kerala's first Breast Milk Bank opened in Kochi

The first breast milk bank in the state has started functioning at Ernakulam General Hospital on 5th February 2021. Now, no baby will leave the Ernakulam General Hospital without tasting the breast milk.

Meera Sandeep
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The first breast milk bank in the state has started functioning at Ernakulam General Hospital on 5th February 2021. Now, no baby will leave the Ernakulam General Hospital without tasting the breast milk.  

Infection, maternal mortality or lack of breast milk cannot affect the breastfeeding for a new born now. Minister K.K Shailaja inaugurated the project called Nectar of Life via video conference at 3 pm on 5th February 2021. Actress Pearly Mani is the Brand Ambassador of the project. 

The idea of ​​a breast milk bank came to India 32 years ago, but has not yet been implemented in Kerala. The Rotary Club of Cochin was in the process of setting up two breast milk banks at Ernakulam and Thrissur Jubilee Medical Mission Hospital in Kerala. In the next phase, Rotary Club plans to set up a bank at the Baby Memorial Hospital in Kozhikode district too. 

All safety measures for the supply of breast milk have been ensured as per the Government guidelines. Collected milk can be stored in the bank for up to six months without any damage. Free breast milk is initially available only to infants admitted to the Neonatal intensive Care Unit of the General Hospital.  

Pre-pasteurized breastmilk can be given to babies born prematurely, babies born with low birth weight, babies of mothers who are unable to breastfeed due to various reasons, to increase their immunity and reduce the risk of infection. Breast milk should be collected only from mothers who are continuously vaccinated from the hospital. 

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