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Kerraikadai.com, A Portal for Leafy Vegetables

The importance of leafy vegetables is increasing ,especially in the present day life. In addition to being a fibrous food, people are increasingly recognizing the nutritional value of spinach, palak and moringa.

Ajith Kumar V R

The importance of leafy vegetables is increasing especially in the present day life. In addition to being a fibrous food, people are increasingly recognizing the nutritional value of spinach, palak and moringa. The e-commerce portal keeraikadai.com had been launched realizing the commercial potential of this identity. Keerakkadai, which gained attention through the sale of farm fresh produce, has now launched a new product called 'greeny meal'.

Moreover, it offers ready-to-eat leafy vegetables. The product launch was held at the Research Institute, Madurai Agricultural College. Keeraikadai.com CEO G. Shriam Prasad said that the greeny meal is prepared without adding any preservatives.

The four - layered meal is marketed after all tests and getting authentic certificates .The price of a 250 gram packet is Rs 85. It has a validity period of 6 months. Apart from this, a soup called 'greeny dip' has also been launched. It is available as dip bag like green tea sachets. Other products include ready-to-eat plantain stem and plantain flower. According to Shriram, the products are good as immunity boosters as well as to control diseases such as diabetes, anemia, gastrointestinal diseases and acidity. He said the leafy vegetables are anti-oxidant and laxative. They also help to lower cholesterol and prevent kidney stones. Shriram Prasad said that all the products are trading well in the domestic market, in Australia, Sri Lanka and other Asian-European countries.

The secret of the success of computer engineer Shriram Prasad and his friends is that they networked more than 500 farmers and brought them to organic farming. Keeraikadai keeping its reputation by prompt delivery of the product to the customer within 4-6 hours. They have around 2 lakh customers. Keeraikadai aims to make leafy vegetables as part of daily life of the people like milk and newspaper.

Keeraikadai also promotes microgreen. The launch of Greeny meal took place at the Tamil Nadu Traditional and Healthy Food Fair at Agricultural College and Research Institute,Madurai. The fair is jointly organized by Keeraikadai and the Community Science College and Research Institute under the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Technology Business Incubator, Agribusiness Incubation Society (ABIS) and the Directorate of Agribusiness Development.

Plantain stem curry, plantain flower curry, ponnan ganni greens curry, palak greens curry and moringa greens curry are now available as green meal packages. The plastic-free pack can be dipped in 100 degree Celsius boiling water for 2-5 minutes before use .

Call to order- 9047750005.

Address- Keerai Kadai Ventures Pvt led, 10- Ramalinga Nagar, 1st Layout, Saibaba Colony, Coimbatore-38, Mobile & Whatsapp: 90477 50005, E-mail-info @ keeraikadai.com

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