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Lockdown: Father-son dug well in Maharashtra's dry area

Pritam Kashyap
Pritam Kashyap

A father and son dug a well in Nanded, a dry region in Maharashtra. They have got water at 16 feet and are very happy now. He said that there was unemployment after the lockdown, those people were worried about the house, but they decided to use the free time properly, after which they started digging wells.

During the lockdown, many people spent more time on social media for time pass; while some spent time watching TV. Some did housework and some spent lockdown time playing games. A father-son in Nanded, Maharashtra became unemployed after the lockdown. When the mental tension increased, we decided to remove the water shortage in the house. Together they dug a well outside their house. Now not only his family but also the people of the area are happy with the water in the drought-hit area.

Siddharth Devake, who lives in Muljara village in the district, said that he followed the family by driving an auto-rickshaw. Apart from this, he also worked in the local band at night but his work stopped after a sudden lockdown. After the closure of work, his concern about the family increased. When the summer started here, the water shortage also started increasing.

He said that sitting at home; there was only concern about income and family. During this time he started digging a well outside the house. His son also supported him in this work. He used to dig wells and his son used to throw mud in the bucket and throw them out. Siddharth said that his mind's anxiety also ended with this and as he dug the pit, he started getting water. Day and night, they kept getting the tune that now all they have to do is to draw water from the well. Eventually, they got water after digging 16 feet. They are very happy now.

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