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'MFOI, VVIF Kisan Bharat Yatra' Crosses 6,000 Km Milestone, Impacting 100,000+ Farmers

Highlighting the contributions of farmers across the nation, the yatra is ongoing to empower and give voice to the rural heroes.

KJ Staff

Farmers have always played a vital role in the pace of agrarian development. However, they have never received the recognition they rightfully deserve. To address this concern, the country's leading agricultural media house, Krishi Jagran, has initiated the 'Millionaire Farmer of India' (MFOI) Awards. Under this enterprise, farmers who have made significant contributions to agricultural development and have consistently progressed in the sector will be honored.

To raise further awareness among farmers about this initiative of MFOI, Krishi Jagran has also launched the ‘Kisan Bharat Yatra’, which will travel to every corner of the country to inspire farmers about the MFOI Awards. While the journey leaves its mark on farmers, it has also boarded a journey spanning over 6,000 kilometers currently. This is a massive milestone to enhance knowledge and enrich the lives of the rural population.

About MFOI Kisan Bharat Yatra:

The 'MFOI Kisan Bharat Yatra 2023-24' envisions transforming rural landscapes into smart villages. The objective of the MFOI Kisan Bharat Yatra is to cover the entire country from December 2023 to November 2024. It includes a vast network of more than 4,000 locations and covers a notable distance of over 26,000 kilometers. This mission aims to bring about positive changes in agricultural communities, empowering farmers socially and economically.

The inauguration of the MFOI Bharat Yatra in India is a significant step towards recognizing the achievements of millionaire farmers and highlighting their work. Through such initiatives, Krishi Jagran hopes to bridge the gap between farmers and recognition, fostering positive changes in the agricultural sector.

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