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Millionaire Farmer of India Awards' Inaugural Session Celebrates Innovation and Collaboration in Agriculture

The inaugural session of the esteemed Millionaire Farmer of India Awards, a groundbreaking initiative sponsored by Mahindra Tractors and orchestrated by Krishi Jagran, unfolded on Friday, December 8, 2023. Amidst insightful deliberations and profound discussions, the session witnessed distinguished speakers offering their visionary perspectives.

Aysha Anam
Millionaire Farmer of India Awards 2023 first session included several international delegates from Brazil, Dubai, and Netherlands.
Millionaire Farmer of India Awards 2023 first session included several international delegates from Brazil, Dubai, and Netherlands.

Mr. Michiel van Erkel, Agricultural Counsellor Netherlands Embassy in India and Sri Lanka, "The agricultural sector is very innovative. This year's agricultural entrepreneur award in the Netherlands was awarded to an agriculture entrepreneur for his innovative approach to his farm. He started fermentation of the manure of his animals for energy production. He used byproducts for duckweed. These types of innovative approaches are required in the agriculture sector, Dhanyawaad."

AARDO's Dr. Manoj Nardeosingh spearheaded the discourse, emphasizing the imperative role of leaders in steering the agricultural landscape toward unprecedented advancements. "You are the leaders who are going to take it forward," Dr. Nardeosingh affirmed, underscoring the trajectory toward smart farming, market intelligence, and innovative practices. The spotlight was also on agri-processing and business enhancement to elevate productivity and tap into expansive export markets, thus mitigating the challenges faced by rural communities.

Dr. CK Ashok Kumar of First World Community lauded the trailblazing efforts of Mr. and Mrs. Dominic in resurrecting the pride of farmers. He echoed the sentiment that the agricultural realm, although the oldest profession, has suffered neglect in the wake of the digital era. Kumar affirmed the commitment to support Dominic's endeavor and announced plans to extend this initiative to Malaysia and Japan in 2024, fostering cross-country knowledge exchange and innovation sharing.

Mahindra Tractor CEO Vikram Vagh articulated a paradigm shift in perceiving farming as not just a noble profession but a lucrative endeavor. Vagh accentuated the pivotal role of the agricultural sector in India's economy and showcased Mahindra's commitment to advancing agricultural technologies through their latest model, OJA, striving to enhance productivity and engage farmers more actively in their work.

The session further received insights from Brazilian Government Ambassador Kenneth Nóbrega, emphasizing the shared agricultural history and commitment of both Brazil and India toward global food security. Nóbrega highlighted the transformative agricultural revolution that both nations underwent and their mutual dedication to combating hunger.

Krishi Jagran Founder and Editor-in-Chief, MC Dominic, expressed his unwavering dedication to reinstating the pride and respect of farmers. Dominic acknowledged the collaborative efforts and pledged future endeavors to exceed expectations, including rewarding hardworking farmers with international exposure. He also emphasized global recognition of India's agricultural prowess, signaling a shift in the world's perception.

The session culminated in an award ceremony, recognizing the relentless efforts of farmers and the pivotal role of companies like Mahindra in revolutionizing agricultural practices. It set the stage for a networking dinner, fostering connections and paving the way for a promising future for Indian farmers.

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