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Paytm Users Alert! Never Download These Remote Apps As It May Leak Your Bank Account Details

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

Paytm has asked its account holders to be alert and careful of online bank frauds, especially while updating their Know Your Customer (KYC). If you have a mobile wallet and your bank account is linked to it then this article is really important for you so keep reading.

While downloading any mobile application if you are asked to update the KYC then this is the time when you may come across online banking fraud or malware attack. 

Paytm in a notification has asked people using its app not to download few apps including AnyDesk in their mobile phones. Remember that the app should not be downloaded especially while filling the KYC details. It told its users to complete the KYC formalities after connecting to its executive online as this is the safest option for them to avoid any kind of phishing, bank fraud or malware attack.

In recent days, there were many news reports about fraudsters using remote apps such as Team Quer, AnyDesk and Quicks Port to attack Paytm account holders and loot their hard-earned money. Few months back, the Reserve Bank of India had issued guidelines against remote application that can be used by fraudsters to take control of your mobile phones or other devices & steal your bank account details including usernames, passwords or PIN.


In order to trap Paytm app users, fraudsters call consumers as bank executives and ask for account details by telling that there is some problem etc. Once, the consumer agrees for that they tell them to download the remote app. Once the app is downloaded, all their information becomes available to the scammers and this is how they loot people.

The most important thing here is that if people become little careful then such incidents can be stopped or prevented.  So never provide any information or details to anyone regarding yourself or your bank account. Moreover never download any unknown apps in your mobile phones. If you do this much, you will be safe from online frauds or thefts.

How to avoid online frauds: Expert Advice

Pawan Duggal, a New Delhi-based cyber crime expert has said, "Such types of frauds fall under the malware phishing attack. Here the users are asked to stay aware against such hoax or tricks as a banker will never ask for downloading any application or complete the KYC by asking the details related to your bank account on phone as it is already with them. Whenever such call comes, people must avoid them & inform police in this regard."

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