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The Kisan Credit Card  Scheme (Krishi Card) offered by Punjab National Bank focuses on solving the financial problems faced by Indian farmers. Through this scheme, farmers can get the financial support they need from the bank in the form of a loan. They can use the money they get as part of this loan for cultivation purposes or for other purposes such as –

  • For short – term credit needed for crop cultivation

  • Household consumption requirements

  • Produce Marketing

  • Working capital for the maintenance of farm assets and allied agricultural activities such as inland fishery, dairy animals, etc.

  • Post – Harvest Expenses

  • Credit for investing in agriculture and allied activities such as sprayers, pump sets, dairy animals, etc. (the farmers taking loan for this particular purpose form the long term credit limit).

Punjab National Bank Krishi Card:

Margin – There is no margin for crop loans under the Krishi Card Scheme

Security – The crops or assets that the farmers create using the loan amount are to be given as loan security if they take a loan of up to Rs.1 lakh. If they take a loan of more than Rs.1 Lakh then along with the crops and assets they have created using the loan money, they have to provide the following –

  • Land charge according to the Agricultural Credit Operations and Miscellaneous (Provisions) Act of the State concerned or Mortgage or Equitable Mortgage of an agricultural land or any other property (suitable), the value of which is 100 percent of the loan amount for other farmers and 75 percent of the amount of loan for marginal or small farmers or

  • They can provide alternate security such as lien or charge on liquid securities like NSCs or Term Deposits or KVPs, etc. (whichever is considered adequate) or

  • Guarantee from a third party

Credit Limit:

Applicants can get a maximum loan of Rs.20 Lakhs with Punjab National Bank Krishi Card. The credit limit is fixed as per the following –

Short Term Limit for the first year is calculated by multiplying the finance scale for crops as per the District Level Technical Committee with the extent of the area that has been cultivated. On this 10 percent of limit towards household/ postharvest/ consumption requirements (here, the premium of health insurance may be covered with maximum coverage of up to Rs.3 lakhs) and 20 percent of the limit towards the expenses on maintenance and repairs of farm assets and crop insurance, asset insurance and PAIS has to be added.

The limit for the second and the subsequent years is calculated by adding 10 percent of the cost escalation limit or increase in finance scale for every consecutive year (second, third, fourth and fifth) with the limit for the first year for crop cultivation (derived from the above). Also, the estimated term loan component for investments on minor irrigation, development of land, activities related to allied agriculture and farm equipment purchase for 5 years will be added to the limit derived for the first year.

Maximum Limit – The Maximum Permissible Limit (MPL) is the result of adding the estimated long term loan requirements with the short term loan limit for the fifth year. The MPL is considered as the Kisan Credit Card Limit.

Punjab National Bank Kisan Tatkal Card Yojana:

Credit Facility– The credit facility on Punjab National Bank Kisan Tatkal Card Yojana may be given as reducing Cash Credit Limit

Repayment A loan limit amounting up to Rs.25, 000 can be repaid by the farmers in a period of 3 years. A loan limit amounting to more than Rs.25, 000 can be repaid in a period of 5 years

Loan Limit– The minimum limit on this loan is Rs.1000 and the maximum limit is Rs.50, 000. It is subject to a 50 percent ceiling of the Kisan Credit Card Limit or 25 percent of the annual income

Security– Here, the security provided for Kisan Credit Card will be continued and no extra security will be taken even if both the Kisan Credit Card and the Kisan Tatkal Card Schemes combined together values to a limit of more than Rs.1 lakh (which is the present cut – off limit)

Punjab National Bank Kisan Credit Card Eligibility Criteria:

For Punjab National Bank Krishi Card:

To avail a Punjab National Bank Krishi Card, a person has to meet the eligibility criteria mentioned below –

  • He or she has to be a farmer (Literate or illiterate) who is an owner cultivator, tenant, lessee or allottee farmer with recorded rights of occupancy or a farmer with an ancestral or perpetual right to cultivate or JLG (Joint Liability Groups)

  • The oral tenants can take the loan under Punjab National Bank Krishi Credit Card only if the landowners approve to becoming co-borrowers. If the accounts of the oral tenants are secured by securities such as KVP or NSC, FDR, etc. then they do not require their landowner to be a co-borrower to get the loan

  • Landless labourers, oral lessees, tenant farmers and sharecroppers can get this card for up to maximum Rs.50, 000 based on an affidavit

For Punjab National Bank Kisan Tatkal Card Yojana:

To avail a Punjab National Bank Kisan Tatkal Card, a person has to meet the eligibility criteria mentioned below –

  • An individual farmer or joint borrowers who already hold Kisan Credit Card and have a good banking record for at least 2 years are eligible to apply for loan under the Kisan Tatkal Card Yojana

  • Not more than 4 farmers can jointly take the loan under this scheme

Punjab National Bank Kisan Credit Card Service Charges:

The details of service charges on Punjab National Bank Kisan Credit card are as follows –

  • The bank does not charge any processing fee for a Kisan Credit Card loan of up to Rs.3 lakhs

  • An upfront fee of 0.6 per cent plus the Service Tax of the loan amount is charged for a term loan which is more than Rs.5 lakhs up to Rs.25, 000

To get more details about service charges on Punjab National Bank Kisan Credit Card, please contact the bank.

Interest Rates on Punjab National Bank Kisan Credit Card:

  • The interest rate is 7 per cent on Kisan Credit Card loans of up to Rs.3 lakhs or regular crop loans

  • The interest rate is Base Rate + 2 per cent on loans of up to Rs.20 Lakhs (this includes Kisan Credit Card loans of more than Rs.3 lakhs or regular crop loans). The Base Rate is 9.6 per cent

Other Agricultural Products / Schemes offered by Punjab National Bank:

Below is a list of other agricultural products or scheme that are offered by Punjab National Bank –

  • Dairy Vikas Card Scheme

  • PNB Dealer Suvidha

  • Credit against National Savings Certificates, Fixed Deposit Receipts and Kisan Vikas Patra to Farmers

  • Scheme for Financing Dairy Development Programmes

  • Scheme for Financing Setting Up Of Biogas Units

  • Scheme for Financing Purchase of Animal Drawn Vehicles I.E. Carts and Draft Animals

  • PNB Saur Urja Yojana (PNB Solar Energy Scheme)

  • Scheme for Financing Forestry Development Programmes

  • PNB Sona Krishi Rin Yojana (PNB Gold Agri- Loan Scheme)

  • Scheme for Financing Development of Wasteland

  • PNB Kalyani Card Scheme

  • Scheme for Financing Piggery Development

  • PNB Krishak Sathi Scheme (KSS)

  • Scheme for Financing Minor Irrigation

  • Scheme for Financing Mushroom Spawn Production

  • Scheme for Financing Mushroom Cultivation

  • Scheme for Financing Apiculture (Bee-Keeping)

  • Scheme for Financing Sericulture

  • Scheme for Financial Assistance to Agricultural Graduates for Purchase of Land and Undertaking Agricultural Activities

  • Scheme for Financing Sheep Goat Breeding Rearing Activities

  • Scheme for Financing Agricultural Graduates for Setting Up Of Agri - Clinics and Agri-Business Centres (ACABC)

  • Scheme for Financing Fisheries Development

  • Scheme for Financing Development of Horticulture (Fruits, Flowers & Vegetables) and plantation Crops

  • Scheme for Financing Poultry Farming

  • Scheme for Financing Green Houses

  • Scheme for Financing for Repair Renovation of Tractors

  • Scheme for Financing Farmers for Purchase of Trucks and Other Transport Vehicles

  • Scheme for Financing Farmers for Purchase of Second Hand Tractors

  • Scheme for Financing Self-Propelled Combine Harvesters

  • Produce (Marketing) Loan Scheme

  • Financing To Custom Hiring Service Units

  • Farm Mechanisation Scheme

  • PNB Krishi Bhu- Swami Yojana

  • Kisan Gold Scheme

  • Financing To Dealers Sellers of Agriculture Inputs

  • Financing To Stockists & Distributors of Agriculture Inputs

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