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Relief for Small Businesses as Commercial LPG Cylinder Prices Drop by Rs 171.50

The pricing for commercial LPG and petrol cylinders has been revised by oil marketing companies.

Yash Saxena
Commercial LPG Cylinder Prices Drop by Rs 171.50
Commercial LPG Cylinder Prices Drop by Rs 171.50

The recent update in the pricing of commercial LPG cylinders is likely to come as a relief to many small businesses and commercial establishments, that heavily rely on LPG cylinders for their operations. With the price of a 19kg commercial LPG cylinder in Delhi now reduced by Rs 171.50, these businesses can expect to save some money on their operating expenses.

The decision by oil marketing companies to revise the pricing of LPG cylinders is a welcome move, as it will make LPG gas more affordable for many people who use it for cooking and other purposes. However, it is important to note that the pricing for domestic LPG cylinders remains unchanged.

Overall, this update in the pricing of commercial LPG cylinders is likely to have a positive impact on the lives of many people who depend on LPG gas for their daily needs.

In Mumbai, a 19-kilogram commercial LPG cylinder is priced at Rs. 1,808.50, while in Kolkata, it costs Rs. 1,960.50. The current retail price for a 19-kilogram LPG cylinder in Chennai is Rs. 2,021.50, and in Noida, a 14.2-kilogram cylinder can be purchased for Rs. 1,100.50.

The Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has provided information regarding the pricing of 19-kilogram LPG cylinders in some of the major cities in India. The price of a 19-kilogram LPG cylinder was previously Rs 2,028 in Delhi, Rs 2,132 in Kolkata, Rs 1,980 in Mumbai, and Rs 2,192.50 in Chennai, according to IOC.

However, on March 1st, 2023, the prices of domestic LPG cylinders and commercial LPG cylinders were increased by different amounts. The price of a domestic LPG cylinder increased by Rs. 50 per unit, while the price of a commercial LPG cylinder went up by Rs. 350.50 per unit.

The hike in LPG cylinder prices may lead to additional expenses for households and commercial establishments, that depend on LPG cylinders for cooking and other purposes. The move may also impact the transportation and logistics sector, as they use LPG cylinders for fueling vehicles.

Overall, the increase in LPG cylinder prices highlights the impact of rising fuel costs on people's daily lives and operating expenses.

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