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SBI Customers Alert! State Bank of India Shares Important Safety Mantras to Prevent Debit Card Fraud

Abha Toppo
Abha Toppo

All banks in the country, including State Bank of India (SBI) have been advising their customers to bank safely. Country’s largest lender has time and again shared different tips for safe banking with its consumers. SBI says that customers must do ATM transactions in full privacy so as to avoid any ATM-cum-debit card fraud. It further said that if an unauthorized transaction takes place then customers should immediately inform the bank. It is important to mention that SBI customers include government employees, doctors, lawyers, teachers, college students and also farmers.

SBI Customers: 10 tips for safe banking at ATMs

1. Keep changing your PIN at regular interval

2. While entering your PIN, always cover ATM/POS keypad

3. Remember your PIN and never write it on the ATM card or anywhere else

4. Don’t use birthdays & anniversary dates as PIN

5. Never share your OTP or debit card PIN details with others

6. Make sure you have registered your mobile number in your account to receive message about debit card & other transactions in the account.

7. Not more than one person at a time should enter the ATM kiosks


8. Never respond to any SMS or email or call asking you to share your ATM PIN or other confidential data

9. Also protect yourself from someone stealing your PIN behind your shoulder

10. Prefer using YONO cash to withdraw money from ATMs as it is safe and secure.

The State Bank said that several cases of using cloned ATM cards have been reported in the National Capital. The lender also said that 'affected SBI customers are being helped & refunds would be processed according to the procedure.'

SBI tweet said, "Cases of using cloned ATM Cards have been reported in Delhi. There appears to be a possible compromise at an ATM of another bank. Affected SBI customers are being helped and the refunds will be processed as per the procedure. All suspicious transactions will be reported to the Home branch."

The bank recently took to Twitter, to tell its customers to keep a unique internet banking passwords while ensuring they are not the names of family members. SBI in a tweet said, "Here's a friendly reminder to update your passwords & don't set it as a family member's name!"

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